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Bộ Chuyển USB To LAN RJ45 Ethernet Network

Bộ Chuyển USB To LAN RJ45 Ethernet Network

Tốc độ 10Mb/100Mbs, Hỗ trợ Win7 Win8, tablet PC

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  • Network Speed:10Mbps automatically
  • Connectors:1x RJ-45 Shielded Phone jack

Product Description:

  • Integrated Fast Ethernet MAC,Physical Chip and transceiver in one chip.
  • Support 10Mb/s N-Way Auto -negotiation operation.
  • Compliant to USB interface Version 2.0
  • Full-Speed (12Mb/s)USB Device.
  • Support all USB standard command.
  • Support suspend/Resume detection logic.
  • Support 4 endpoints:
    • 1 control endpoint with maximum 8-byte packet
    • 1 bulk in endpoint 64 bytes/packet
    • 1 bulk out endpoint with 64 bytes/packet
    • 1 interrupt in endpoint with 8 bytes/packet
  • 18K bytes SRAM built in.(2K bytes for TX buffer,and 16K bytes for Rx buffer)
  • Uses 93C46 to store resource configuration,ID parameter,etc
  • Half/Full duplex 10 Mbps operation
  • Supports Full Duplex Flow Control(IEEE 802.3x)
  • Operating System Supports: WINDOWS 98 SE/ME/2000/XP/VISTA 

Package Included:

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