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Panasonic Corporation of North America, based in Secaucus, NJ, is the principal North American subsidiary of Osaka, Japan-based Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC) and the hub of its branding, marketing, sales, service, product development and R&D operations in the U.S. and Canada.

For more than 50 years, Panasonic has delighted American consumers with innovations for the home and business. Panasonic's consumer electronics and technology products range from award-winning VIERA High Definition Plasma and LCD TVs and LUMIX Digital Cameras to ruggedized Toughbook® laptop computers, communications solutions, networkable office solutions, security systems, home appliances, personal care products, components and entire in-flight entertainment and information systems.

Panasonic operations in North America include R&D Centers, manufacturing bases, the highly rated Panasonic Customer Call Center in Chesapeake, VA, business-to-business and industrial solutions companies and consumer products, sales and service networks throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Panasonic Corporation of North America and its subsidiaries and affiliates employ about 12,000 people in the region

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Tụ 47pF 50V 0805
Tụ 47PF 50V, SMD 0805
1,900 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Hàng còn: 391 Gói(10pcs)
Tụ 1nF 50V 0805
Tụ 1nF 50V, SMD 0805
2,000 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Hàng còn: 2913 Gói(10pcs)
Tụ 22nF 50V 0805
Tụ 22nF 50V, SMD 0805
2,000 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Hàng còn: 747 Gói(10pcs)
Tụ 47nF 50V 0805
Tụ 47nF 50V, SMD 0805
2,000 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Hàng còn: 352 Gói(10pcs)
Tụ 10nF 50V 0805
Tụ 10nF 50V, SMD 0805
2,000 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Hàng còn: 431 Gói(10pcs)
Tụ 1uF 50V 0805
Tụ 1uF 50V, SMD 0805
400 đ /Cái
Hàng còn: 7449 Cái
Tụ 2.2uF 50V 0805
Tụ 2.2μF 50V, SMD 0805
6,500 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Hàng còn: 146 Gói(10pcs)
Tụ 10uF 6.3V 0805
Tụ 10UF 6.3V, SMD 0805
1,300 đ /Cái
Tụ 4.7uF 50V 0805 Cap
Tụ 4.7μF 50V, SMD 0805
680 đ /Con
Hàng còn: 1780 Con
Tụ 22uF 16V 0805
Tụ 22μF 16V, SMD 0805
1,700 đ /Cái
Hàng còn: 590 Cái
JFET N-CH 30V 20MA MINI-3, Panasonic
5,000 đ /Cái
Tụ 680pF 50V 0805
Tụ 680PF 50V, SMD 0805
1,900 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Hàng còn: 345 Gói(10pcs)
Tụ 220nF 50V 0805
Tụ 220nF 50V, SMD 0805
2,500 đ /Gói(10pcs)
Tụ Hoá 4700UF 50V D16L25
4700UF 50V, 20%, Size D=16mm, L=25mm
8,500 đ /Cái
Hàng còn: 6 Cái
Tụ Hoá 6800UF 50V D16L25
6800UF 50V, 20%, Size D=16mm, L=25mm
23,000 đ /Cái
Tụ Kẹo Nâu CBB21-104-200V
0.1UF 200VDC metallized film cap
3,500 đ /Cái
Tụ Kẹo Nâu CBB21-103-400V
10nF 400VDC metallized film cap
1,000 đ /Cái
Tụ Kẹo Nâu CBB22-103-630V
10nF 630VDC metallized film cap
1,000 đ /Cái
Hàng còn: 982 Cái
Tụ Kẹo Nâu CBB21-105-250V
1uF 250VDC metallized film cap
1,500 đ /Cái
Tụ Kẹo Nâu CBB21-274-400V
0.27UF 100VDC metallized film cap
2,000 đ /Cái