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STM32F407IGT6 Development Kit

STM32F407IGT6 Development Kit

ARM Cortex-M4, STM32F407, 3.2 inch LCD, 1.3M pixel camera

Nhà sản xuất: STMicroelectronics

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Processor, the main parameters
The Cortex-M4 32b MCU + FPU processor maximum operating frequency of 168MHz
1 Mbyte of the Flash
128 +4 Kbyte of of SRAM
Support off-chip Flash of SRAM, PSRAM, NOR and NAND Flash
8080/6800 model LCD interface
USB 2.0 high-speed/full-speed device / host / OTG
10/100 Ethernet MACs
Hardware IEEE 1588v2
CAN (2.0B Active)
3 the SPI up to 30 Mbit
8 - to 14-bit camera interface up to 48 Mbyte / s
1-bit (default), 4-bit and 8-bit SD / SDIO MMC card
12-bit 0.5 us A / D
12-bit D / A
17 timers count up to 120MHz frequency
I / O maximum frequency of 60MHz
ISP and IAP programming

Hardware configuration:
16M bit high-speed asynchronous CMOS static RAM
4G Bit of NAND the Flash
20-pin 2.54 pitch JTAG interface
10/100M Ethernet interface (MII, RMII two configuration mode)
USB2.0 high speed master-slave device interface (mini)
USB2.0 high speed host interface
USB2.0 full-speed master-slave device interface (mini)
USB2.0 full-speed host interface
Two-way RS232 interface
Two CAN2.0 interface
SD memory card interface (4-bit)
Audio output and microphone input interface
LCD Interface 16-bit bus mode
A controllable LED
Three buttons with a wake-up function
An adjustable resistor
Large coin cell battery holder (because of the air embargo, the default the unworthy button battery)
Core board 2.54mm pitch I / O pins exports can be installed in Wan with board

Software packages - more details please see page PDF document available for download

Network portion of the
Http Web server program - through a web control panel LEDs to the on-board LCD to send data to read the AD value.
Http the upload - through the network to the local file sent to the SD card on the development board, you can also view documents and content of the SD card on a web page, powerful!
UDP or TCP mode LEDSwitch - through the host computer can control the resources of the hardware development board, the host computer program VC + + code.
FTP server program - storage media SD card the FTP server program.
SNMP agent program - through the PC software can be controlled using the network management protocol development board hardware resources, the host computer program VC + + code.
Telnet server program - can be controlled through a telnet program on-board equipment, such as the LED.
SMTP client program - you can email to your mailbox!
DNS resolution procedures - such as can obtain an IP address
The BSD server / client - BSD socket client and server program.

httpserver - a web server program use LwIP protocol stack, via the web to control the development board LEDs and read the AD value.
tftpserver - via TFTP software to upload files to the SD card, you can also download files on the SD card to the PC.
tcp / udp the echo the server - the way the TCP / UDP echo server program, through software TCP / UDP to send data to the development board or obtain development board sent over the data.
the client udp / tcp the echo - echo server to capture the data sent over the development board.
httpserver netconn - network connection the type netconn the Web server program, for the FreeRTOS operating system, network protocol stack for the Implementation of LwIP.
udp / tcp echo the server netconn - through software TCP / UDP to send data to the development board or access to the development board over the network connection type for the echo.

USB section of the
USB host controller to read and write U disk program - you can create, read, copy, delete files on the U-disk and format the U disk (USB Full-Speed).
USB host controller USB keyboard program - keys on a USB keyboard to control the
USB card reader program - Support SD card, SDHC card support 32-GBytes of support for FAT12, FAT16 and FAT32 file format (USB high speed).
USB reader NAND Flash program - development board is equivalent to a high-speed USB interface, U disk.
USB HID device program - available through the PC software to control the development board LEDs, and access to key state development board.

LCD screen section
LCD chip select chip select (FSMC_NE4) bus way to greatly improve the speed of the scraper
LCD the Blinky procedures - the dynamic image display test program, the center of the LCD screen displays a rotating 3D logo.
emWin Graphic Library test program - a simple call to map emWin GUI function frame program (another program with a high-speed animation).

The touch screen parts - LCD touch screen buttons displayed on the LCD screen will change.

The camera section
Camera test procedures - the camera captured video information is displayed on a 3.2-inch LCD screen

Packing List:
STM32F407IGT6 core board x 1
STM32F407IGT6 developer board a
3.2-inch touch screen module x 1
130W pixel camera module x 1
Serial extension cord x 1
High Speed Mini USB cable x 1
Power a
1 x data CD

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