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16-Bit PIC MCU, 8MHz, 64-TQFP, Microchip

Thương hiệu:Microchip

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Ideal for low power (<100nA standby current) and connectivity applications that benefit from the availability of multiple serial ports (3xI2C, 3xSPI), 4xUARTS, and 23 independent timers. Large amounts of RAM (16kB) memory for buffering and large (up to 256kB) Enhanced Flash program memory make it ideal for embedded control and monitoring applications. PPS (peripheral pin select) aids in configuring the most efficient pin configuration of available I/O, and CTMU provides touch support for up to 64 individual buttons. Supports USB 2.0 for device, Host, and OTG with a complete and free software stack that includes a thumb drive application stack.

Parameter Name




 CPU Speed (MIPS)


 Memory Type


 Program Memory (KB)


 RAM Bytes


 Temperature Range C

 -40 to 85

 Operating Voltage Range (V)

 2 to 3.6

 I/O Pins


 Pin Count


 System Management Features


 Internal Oscillator

 8 MHz, 32 kHz

 nanoWatt Features

 Low Sleep/Fast Wake/Fast Control

 Digital Communication Peripherals

 4-UART, 3-SPI, 3-I2C

 Analog Peripherals

 1-A/D 16x10-bit @ 500(ksps)



 USB (ch, speed, compliance)

 1, Full Speed, USB 2.0 OTG

 CAN (#, type)

 0 None

 Capture/Compare/PWM Peripherals


 16-bit PWM resolutions



 5 x 16-bit

 Parallel Port


 Hardware RTCC


 Cap Touch Channels


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