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NN-8080-L Nút Nhấn Giữ

NN-8080-L Nút Nhấn Giữ

Size 8x8mm, mode ON/OFF

Nhà sản xuất:JST

Hết hàng

Số lượng mua

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Bảng giá

Số lượng mua
Đơn giá
1 1,000
50 950
100 900
300 850
  • 6 Pin configuration can be used as jumper leads to facilitate PCB layout.
  • Features self lock, square knob with caps, low contact resistance, small bouncing noise, high contact reliability.
  • Applied to home appliances and electrical products.
Contace Resistance < 0.3 mΩ
Insulation Resistance > 100 mΩ
Operation Force 150-300gf
Rating DC 0.5A 30V, 0.3A 60V AC /1.5A 25V AC
Withstand Voltage AC 250V (50Hz)) / min
Life 100, 000 cycles
Operation Temperature -40oC to 70oC
Square Body Type 8 x 8 x 13.7mm
Operating Mode Self Lock with Click
Two Row Pin Size 6 x 5mm
Pin Length 3.6mm
Knob Size 4 x 4 mm
Cap Size 3 x 1.8 mm
Color Black, Blue, white
Material(External) Plastic, Metal
Circuit DPDT
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