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  • MFRC531

    199,000 đ/Cái

    Hàng còn: 5 Cái



RF/IF RFID IC, 32-SOIC, 13.56Mhz, NXP

Thương hiệu:NXP

Hàng còn: 5 Cái

Số lượng mua:

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Bảng giá

Số lượng mua
Đơn giá
1 199,000
10 197,000
20 189,000
50 185,000

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Tính năng


(For RFID products)


13.56 Mhz

Highly integrated analog reader/writer IC Supports all layers of ISO 14443 A with higher baud rates, up to 848 kbaud

High transmit output power to drive an antenna designed for proximity operating distance directly without additional active circuitry

Full support of the active antenna concept Robust and efficient receiver for demodulation and decoding of signals from ISO 14443 A compatible transponders

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