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  • MCR100-6

    1,100 đ/Cái

    Hàng còn: 4295 Cái



Blocking Voltage to 600 V, Reverse Blocking Thyristors

Thương hiệu:OEM

Hàng còn: 4295 Cái(Gửi hàng trong ngày)

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Số lượng mua
Đơn giá
1 1,100
20 1,150
50 1,100
100 1,050
500 1,000
1000 900

PNPN devices

designed for high volume, line-powered consumer applications such as relay and lamp drivers, small motor controls, gate drivers for larger thyristors, and sensing and detection circuits.

Supplied in an inexpensive plastic TO-226AA package which is readily adaptable for use in automatic insertion equipment.


•Sensitive Gate Allows Triggering by Microcontrollers and Other Logic Circuits

•Blocking Voltage to 600 V

•On−State Current Rating of 0.8 A RMS at 80°C

•High Surge Current Capability −10 A

•Minimum and Maximum Values of IGT, VGT and IH Specified

for Ease of Design

•Immunity to dV/dt −20 V/msec Minimum at 110°C

•Glass-Passivated Surface for Reliability and Uniformity

•Pb−Free Packages are Available*

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