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Magnetic Displacement Sensors, Dual saturated mode

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Wide Angular Range HMC1501 – Angular range of ±45° with <0.07° resolution
HMC1512 – Angular range of ±90° with <0.05° resolution
Effective Linear Range >8mm when two sensors are mounted on two ends. Additional range can be added through multiple sensor arrays
Absolute Sensing No indexing with exact position known.
Low Cos Designed for High Volume, Cost Effective OEM Designs
Available in Tape & Reel Packaging High Volume OEM Assembly
4-Element Wheatstone Bridges Low Noise Passive Element Design
Surface Mount Sensors RoHS Compatible and suitable for High Speed SMT Assembly
Low Voltage Operations (2.0V) Compatible for Battery Powered Applications


The Honeywell HMC1501 and HMC1512 are miniature surface mount sensors for linear, angular, or rotary displacement designed for magnetic saturating field sensing. The HMC1501 contains a single saturated-mode Wheatstone bridge sense element that creates an output voltage with respect to the direction of the magnetic flux passing over the sensor surface.

The HMC1512 contains dual saturated-mode Wheatstone bridge elements co-located to provide an extended range of angular displacements. Both sensor types are cost effective and space-efficient solutions for high volume OEM designs. Applications for the HMC15xx sensors include Position Sensing, Rotary speed and angle detection, and non-contact precision location measurement systems. The HMC15xx sensors utilize Honeywell’s Anisotropic Magnetoresistive (AMR) technology that provides advantages over hall-effect based magnetic sensors. They are able to resolve better than tenths of a degree or tenths of millimeters, withstand large variations in magnet-to-sensor gaps, and exhibit insensitivity to shocks and vibrations.

Honeywell’s Magnetic Sensors are among the most precision and reliable position sensors in the industry. Honeywell continues to maintain product excellence and performance by introducing innovative solid-state magnetic sensor solutions. These are highly reliable, top performance products that are delivered when promised. Honeywell’s magnetic sensor solutions provide real solutions you can count on.

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