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Uni-Trend Group Limited is one of the leading testing meters and instruments companies in Asia. It is also a prestige
brand of testing meter industry in China. The group has developed, manufactured the most creative, reliable, high quality
and safe to use technology products and provided a wide range of products and related services to the global markets.

The group has presences in over 90 countries and allied with over 600 strategic business partners to provide its
products and services. In China's testing meters market, Uni-t group has garnered over one third of the market share
and has been the number one position in the market for 5 consecutive years.

Uni-t Group provides technological products which are compliant to the global standards and the company has occupied
a unique position in its high value added product segment in the market. The group has developed its R&D centres
in Shanghai, Chengdu, and Dongguan. Besides the group has owned two flag-ship production bases in Dongguan and
Chengdu with its 3 supporting factories to ensure the group has maintain a constant supply of quality product to the market.

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Digital Storage Oscilloscope, 100 MHz, ≤3.5 ns, 1GS/s
Giá 6,700,000 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua

100 kHz Handheld LCR Meter/Tester
Giá 2,650,000 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua

Temperature Range: -18°C ~ 280°C , Infrared Thermometers
Giá 499,000 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua

Intelligent Digital Multimeters, y 40Hz/400Hz/4kHz/40kHz/400kHz/4MHz/40MHz/400MHz
Giá 3,150,000 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua

Đồng hồ đo vạn năng, hiển thị số
Giá 395,000 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua