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ATTEND, founded in 2002, has been singularly committed to providing the total connectivity solution to customers around the globe. Our specialized major product lines cover various connector and cable offering including memory card socket, PCB card socket, I/O connector and cable assembly. We pro-actively participate in our clients’ business and offer our innovative connectivity solutions that enables them develop innovative products and gain a competitive edge in the market.

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Sim Card Socket 6 + 2pin push-push Type
Giá 20,000 đ /Cái
Còn : 1 Cái

Số lượng mua

SIM Card Socket with Card Holder
Giá 16,900 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua

Mirco SIM Card Socket
Giá 22,000 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua

8-Pin Micro SD Socket Push-Push Type, Attend
Giá 14,000 đ /Cái

Số lượng mua

Micro SD Socket Hinge Type
Giá 13,500 đ /Cái

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