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Xilinx Platform Cable USB

Xilinx Platform Cable USB

Xilinx FPGA CPLD USB Platform download Cable JTAG New Hardware Design

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Nhà sản xuất: Xilinx

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1. For Xilinx CPLD/FPGA programming and debugging;
2. Latest design with the adapter board support 7-pin:compared with the old version which only has 6-pin, it has an extra INIT signal and support faster mode in the serial download programming.
3. 100% compatible with Xilinx Platform USB Cable I;
4. Fully supports ISE(Include the latest Version 11.4), Chipscope, EDK;
5. Latest Firmware(11.3), and Upgradable automatically;
6. Self-Adaptable for the different Target Voltage;
7. Support 5V(TTL), 3.3V(LVCMOS), 2.5V, 1.8V and 1.5V devices;
8. Can Program the SPI interface Flash devices;


More Functions:

1.Supprt target device voltage VCC from 1.5V to 5V;

2.Could configure all Xlinx devices;
3.Support iMPACT and ChipScope;
4.Support JTAG and Slave Serial mode;
5.Download clock can be set up to 24MHz;
6.LED shows the target status;
7.USB interface;

Supports all XILINX devices, includes:
1. All Virtex FPGA

2. All Spartan FPGA
3. XC9500/XC9500XL/XC9500XV CPLD
4. CoolRunner XPLA3/CoolRunner-II CPLD
5. XC18V00 ISP PROM series
6. Platform Flash XCF00S/XCF00P/XL PROM series
7. XC4000 series FPGA

Kit includes:

1. USB Xilinx Programmer x 1

2. Adapter board x 1
3. USB cable x 1
4. 7-Pin cable x 1
5. 10-Pin calbe x 1
6. 14-Pin cable(2.54mm+2.00mm) x 2

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