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XD-RF 315Mhz Receiver

XD-RF 315Mhz Receiver

DC 5V, 4mA, AM ASK / OOK, Maximum speed : 6KHZ, dBm: -105DB

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Product Name : 315MHZ super-regenerative receiver module (HZL-A06/08 optional ) 

Main parameters

  • Operating Voltage (V): DC 5V
  • Operating Current (mA): 4mA
  • Modulation: AM ASK / OOK
  • Interface : 4pin ( pitch 2.54mm)
  • Pin Function : GND DATA DATA VCC ( PCB near the edge of the foot from the start )
    Maximum speed : 6KHZ ( recommended 4KHZ less )
  • Receiving distance : > 100 meters ( open area without interference )
  • Working temperature : -10 ℃ ~ +70 ℃
  • Receiver sensitivity (dBm):-105DB
  • Operating Frequency (MHz): 315,433.92 MHz (266-433MHZ frequency band may be optionally)
    Dimensions (L, W, H): 30 * 14 * 8mm

Product characteristics :

1. Product Performance: receiving antenna preferably 25 to 30 cm of wire , preferably erected . Receiver module itself, without decoding IC , so the receiver circuit is only a component , only applications specific circuits in the secondary development in order to play its due role , this design has many advantages, it can decode and various circuits or SCM fit, circuit design flexibility. The advantage of this circuit comprising: an antenna input terminal of the circuit with the selected frequency , independent of the 1/4 wavelength antenna of the frequency-selective effect , the control can be cut close distance or even remove the external antenna 2 , the output of the waveform signal in the absence of relatively clean , the interference signal is short needle pulse , unlike other super-regenerative receiver circuit will produce dense noise waveform , so strong anti-jamming capability. 3 , the radiation module itself is extremely small, the shielding effect of the back of a circuit module with a full mesh of copper ground , their oscillations can be reduced leakage and intrusion of outside interference signals. 4 , with the skeleton using the copper inductor to adjust the frequency of the sealing 315M , which compared with the use of a variable capacitor to adjust the reception frequency of the circuit , the temperature , humidity, mechanical stability, and anti -vibration performance has greatly improved. Adjustable capacitor lower precision adjustment , the adjustment range is only 3 /4 turn , and tunable inductors can do multi-turn adjustment . After cementing adjustable capacitor adjustment can not finish , because the capacitor will close or invasive capacity of either a conductor or an insulator changes , a variety of media , thereby affecting the receiving frequency . In addition , without cementing displacement of adjustable capacitor between stator and the moving plate when subjected to vibration ; thermal expansion and contraction between the stator and will move piece from changing the temperature changes ; humidity changes due to changes in the capacity of the medium changes ; long working in a humid environment will set pieces due to oxidation and dynamic piece of change capacity , which will seriously affect the stability of the received frequency , while the use of adjustable inductors can solve these problems, because the inductor can be hermetically sealed after the adjustment is completed , insulator mounting medium does not make the inductance change.

2. Quiescent current receiver module factory is generally 4mA, if there are special requirements can reduce the current , minimum current is adjustable to 1.5mA, but the receiver sensitivity will be reduced. The output of the factory receiver module has a noise output , any special requirements can be changed without noise output, but the receiver sensitivity will be reduced.

The application environment

Wireless remote control switch , remote control socket , data transmission, remote control toys , burglar alarm host so on.

Optional accessories

With the company launch series , supporting the use of remote control products better .

RF 315 Mhz (OOK) Transmitter, Operating voltage :3-12V, Transmission distance > 500m
Giá: 14.000 đ /Cái
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