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2.4-SZYTF TFT LCD Shield Arduino
2.4-inch LCD Module cảm ứng điện trở dùng cho Arduino UNO R3
125,000 đ/Cái
T30-H3-P05 Bánh Răng Lỗ 6mm
30 răng, lỗ 6mm, bước răng 0.5, cao 10mm, M3 screw
23,000 đ/Cái
T30-H3-P05 Bánh Răng Lỗ 5mm
30 răng, lỗ 5mm, bước răng 0.5, cao 10mm, M3 screw
23,000 đ/Cái
80(40x2) pin 1.27mm SMD Female connector
15,000 đ/Cái
Modular Plug Network Cable Connector Clear 6Pins-Female
1,300 đ/Cái
Module WiFi ESP8266-V1 Relay 5V
Input 5V, 10A/250VAC 10A/30VDC
165,000 đ/Cái
Module WiFi ESP8266-V12 Relay
Relay 10A 220V, Input 7-30VDC
180,000 đ/Cái
AD16-22SM Đèn Còi Báo
Đèn còi 12V,24V,36V,110V,220v,380V AC/DC <=20mA 80dB
35,000 đ/Cái
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SPARTAN-3 FPGA, 200K, 144-TQFP , Xilinx

Nhà sản xuất: Xilinx

Còn: 3 Cái ROHS

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Technical/Catalog Information XC3S200-4TQG144C
Vendor Xilinx Inc
Category Integrated Circuits (ICs)
Number of Gates 200000
Number of I /O 97
Lead Free Status Lead Free
RoHS Status RoHS Compliant
Other Names XC3S200 4TQG144C
122 1340 ND

Giới thiệu:

The Spartan™-3 family of Field-Programmable Gate Arrays is specifically designed to meet the needs of high volume, cost-sensitive   consumer   electronic   applications.   The eight-member family offers densities ranging from 50,000 to five million system gates.

The  Spartan-3  family  builds  on  the  success  of  the  earlier Spartan-IIE  family  by  increasing  the  amount  of  logic resources, the capacity of internal RAM, the total number of I/Os,  and  the  overall  level  of  performance  as  well  as  by improving    clock    management    functions.    Numerous enhancements derive from the Virtex™-II platform technol-ogy.   These   Spartan-3   enhancements,   combined   with advanced  process  technology,  deliver  more  functionality and bandwidth per dollar than was previously possible, set-ting new standards in the programmable logic industry. Because of their exceptionally low cost, Spartan-3 FPGAs are ideally suited to a wide range of consumer electronics applications,  including  broadband  access,  home  network-ing, display/projection and digital television equipment. The Spartan-3 family is a superior alternative to mask pro-grammed  ASICs.  FPGAs  avoid  the  high  initial  cost,  the lengthy development cycles, and the inherent inflexibility of conventional  ASICs.  Also,  FPGA  programmability  permits design upgrades in the field with no hardware replacement necessary, an impossibility with ASICs. The Spartan-3 FPGAs are the first platform among several
within the Spartan-3 Generation FPGAs.

Tính năng:

•      Low-cost, high-performance logic solution for high-volume, consumer-oriented applications
       -      Densities up to 74,880 logic cells
•      SelectIO™ signaling
       -      Up to 784 I/O pins
       -      622 Mb/s data transfer rate per I/O
       -      18 single-ended signal standards
       -      8 differential I/O standards including LVDS, RSDS
       -      Termination by Digitally Controlled Impedance
       -      Signal swing ranging from 1.14V to 3.45V
       -      Double Data Rate (DDR) support
       -      DDR, DDR2 SDRAM support up to 333 Mbps
•      Logic resources
       -      Abundant logic cells with shift register capability
       -      Wide, fast multiplexers
       -      Fast look-ahead carry logic
       -      Dedicated 18 x 18 multipliers
       -      JTAG logic compatible with IEEE 1149.1/1532
•      SelectRAM™ hierarchical memory
       -      Up to 1,872 Kbits of total block RAM
       -      Up to 520 Kbits of total distributed RAM
•      Digital Clock Manager (up to four DCMs)
       -      Clock skew elimination
       -      Frequency synthesis
       -      High resolution phase shifting
•      Eight global clock lines and abundant routing
•     Fully supported by Xilinx ISE™ and WebPACK™ development systems
•      MicroBlaze™   and   PicoBlaze™   processor,   PCI®,   PCI Express® PIPE Endpoint, and other IP cores
•      Pb-free packaging options
•     Automotive Spartan-3 XA Family variant


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