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WB-Beemer LPC1768

WB-Beemer LPC1768

ARM Cortex-M3 LPC1768 KIT, Ethernet, USB host/device, CAN, 485, MP3, Radio

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Nhà sản xuất: NXP

Còn: 1 Cái

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2693 lượt xem

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Part A: Introduce for ARM NXP LPC1768 Development Board

WB-Beemer LPC1768 development board with ARM NXP LPC1768 is a company based on second-generation ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller core is designed for embedded system applications of high-performance, low-power 32-bit microprocessor for instrumentation, industrial communications, motor control, lighting control, alarm systems. BeemerLPC1768 development board on-board USB emulator, supports USB2.0 Device, dual CAN interfaces, RS-485 interface functions. BeemerLPC1768 development board supporting a wealth of routine and detailed information for users to quickly project development.

Features(Powerful MCU core: Cortex-M3):

  • Processing rates of up to 100MHz, and includes a support eight areas of memory protection unit (MPU)
  • Built-nested vector interrupt controller (NVIC)
  • 512KB on-chip Flash program memory, to support in-system programming (ISP) and In-Application Programming (IAP)
  • 64KB SRAM for high-performance CPU through the instruction bus, system bus, data bus access
  • AHB multi-layer matrix with 8-channel DMA controller, general-purpose (GPDMA)
  • Support the SSP, UART, AD / DA, timer, GPIO, etc., can be used for memory to memory transfers
  • Standard JTAG test / debug interface and debug serial line and serial line tracking port option
  • Simulation trace module supports real-time tracking
  • 4 low-power modes: sleep, deep sleep, power-down, deep power-down
  • Single 3.3V power supply (2.4V - 3.6V)
  • Operating temperature: -40C - 85C
  • Non-maskable interrupt (NMI) input
  • On-chip integrated power-on reset circuit
  • Built-in systems beat the timer (SysTick), to facilitate the operating system migration.

Extensive on-board resources:

  • 2-Way RS232 serial interface,One using the straight-through serial cable, other USB to 232 support them all the way ISP download
  • 2 Road CAN bus communication interface (CAN Transceiver: SN65VHD230)
  • RS485 communication interface (485 Transceivers: SP3485)
  • RJ45-10/100M Ethernet network interface (Ethernet PHY: DP83848)
  • DA output interface (USB sound card can do experiments on-board speaker and speaker output driver)
  • AD input interface (adjustable potentiometer input)
  • Color LCD display interface (which can take 3.2" or 4.3" or 5" or 7"TFT )
  • USB2.0 Interface, USB host and USB Device Interface.
  • SD card (SPI)interface (available with FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 file system)
  • IIC Interface (24LC02)
  • SPI serial FLASH interface (W25Q16)
  • Support 2.4G wireless interface(NRF24L01)(need to pay more 2$)
  • Support OV7670 camera model(need to pay more 20$)
  • Support thermometric model(DS18B20)
  • 1 infrared interface
  • Radio model onboard(TEA5767)
  • VS1003B MP3 decoder device on board.VS1003 is a single-chip MP3/WMA/MIDI audio decoder and ADPCM encoder. It contains a highperformance,proprietary low-power DSP processorcore VS DSP4, working data memory, 5 KiB instruction RAM and 0.5 KiB data RAM for user applications, serial control and input data interfaces,4 general purpose I/O pins, an UART, as well as a high-quality variable-sample-rate mono ADC and stereo DAC, followed by an earphone amplifier and a common buffer.
  • 2 user keys, 2 function keys and the INT0 Reset button, 8 LED lights
  • 1 Five keys to enter the joystick (Joystick)
  • One exact adjustable resistance(20K)
  • USB to 232 ISP download function , the standard JTAG download, simulation debugging interface.
  • Integrated USB emulator: simulation and debug capabilities to support online and support KEIL, IAR and other mainstream development environment.
  • optional external 5V power supply or USB input to provide 5V power supply.
  • leads all the IO(2.54MM), user-friendly external circuit to the secondary development of other applications.
  • Dimensions: 16.7cm x 11.5cm.
  • Part B: Introduce for 3.2" TFT LCD Module
  • 8-bit or 16-bit parallel bus interface,8-bit mode use 74HC573 latch low 8-bit (short R7 enable 8-bit mode), open R7 is 16-bit mode (default), use high 8-bit operation bus in 8-bit mode low 8-bit float, Support a ATMEL DataFlash AT45DBxxx series device, Can directly use AVR,PIC,C51,ARM.STM32 MCU driver.
  • General Introduce
  • Resolution:  QVGA 262K 240*RGB*320
  • Size: 3.2"
  • Controller: SSD1298
  • Touch Panel: 4-wire
  • Pin Pitch: 37Pins & 1mm
  • 2.7-3.3V operating voltage
  • Backlight: 5 LEDs Parallel
  • RSM1843 touch panel controller onboard  directly compatible with ADS7843
  • Standard 2.54mm PCB headers for prototyping
  • Support a SD card interface

Interface instruction of 3.2" TFT LCD Module

Pin Function Pin Function

1 3V3 17 DB14

2 GND 18 DB15

3 DB00 19 CS

4 DB01 20 RS

5 DB02 21 WR

6 DB03 22 RD

7 DB04 23 RESET

8 DB05 24 EN back_light enable

9 DB06 25 MISO

10 DB07 26 TP_INT

11 DB08 27 MOSI

12 DB09 28 LE

13 DB10 29 SCLK

14 DB11 30 F_CS

15 DB12 31 TP_CS

16 DB13 32 SD_CS


Package included:

1x Beemer LPC1768 Board                   

1x 3.2" LCD with Touch Panel          

1x MINI USB Cable 

1x serial Cable

1x Cross Network Cable

1x 5V1A power adapter 

1x DVD ROM(content software,schematic,routines,drives,documents some in chinese)

BMW Board DVD List
1 Schematic
2 User Manual
3 Example
4 Library
5 Software
6 Document
7 Operating System

BMW board Basic Routines
(Test 1)  GPIO()(2012.4.13)
(Test 2)  EXTI()(2012.4.13)
(Test 3)  UART()(2012.4.13)
(Test 4)  I2C()(2012.4.13)
(Test 5)  I2S()(2012.4.13)
(Test 6)  PWM()(2012.4.13)
(Test 7)  ADC()(2012.4.13)
(Test 8)  CAN()(2012.4.13)
(Test 9)  Joystick(5 keys)()(2012.4.13)
(Test 10)  RTC()(2012.4.13)
(Test 11)  Timer()(2012.4.13)
(Test 12)  DAC()(2012.4.13)
(Test 13)  DMA()(2012.4.13)
(Test 14)  EasyWEB()(2012.4.13)
(Test 15)  USBAudio() (2012.4.13)
(Test 16)  USBCDC()(2012.4.13)
(Test 17)  USBHID()(2012.4.13)
(Test 18)  USBHostLite()(2012.4.13)
(Test 19)  USBMem()(2012.4.13)
(Test 20)  Flash-AT45DB161(3.2)(2012.4.13)
(Test 21)  WDT()(2012.4.13)
(Test 22)  RS485()(2012.4.13)
(Test 23)  TCPnet()(2012.4.13)
(Test 24)  Flash-M45PE16()(2012.4.13)
(Test 25)  FAT_word stock download()(2012.4.13)
(Test 26)  OV7670camera test program(3.2)(2012.4.13)
(Test 27)  Tetris(3.2)(2012.5.3)
(Test 28)  FAT32_image decode(3.2)(2012.4.28)
(Test 29)  Rf24L01 send-receive
(Test 30)  CAN_UART(2012.6.26)
(Test 31)  CAN_AD_LCD(2012.6.27)
(Test 32)  Camera
(Test 33)  DS18B20
(Test 34)  FM_Radio
(Test 35)  Infrared
(Test 36)  MP3 Player
(Test 37)  NRF24L01
(Test 38)  Zigbee

BMW board LCD Application
3.2 TFT
(Test 1)  FAT32_image decode(3.2)(2012.4.13)
(Test 2)  LCD(1298)()(2012.4.20)
(Test 3)  touch screen 1298I(3.2)(2012.4.13)
(Test 4)  Tetris(3.2)(2012.5.3)
4.3 TFT
(Test 1)  4.3brush screen (4.3)(2012.4.13)
(Test 2)  4.3touch screen (4.3)(2012.4.13)
(Test 3)  FAT32_image decode(4.3)(2012.4.28)
(Test 1)  7.0brush screen (7.0)(2012.9.18)

BMW board OS
3.2 TFT
(Test 1)  ucos(2.91)+LCD+GUI(3.2)(2012.4.13)
(Test 2)  ucos(2.52)+LCD+GUI(3.2)(2012.4.13)
(Test 3)  UCOS+UCGUI+CAN(3.2)(2012.7.28)
3.5 TFT
(Test 1)  UCOS+UCGUI(3.5)(2012.4.13)
(Test 2)  ucos(2.91)+LCD+GUI(3.5)(2012.4.13)
4.3 TFT
(Test 1)  uCOS_uCGUI4.3(4.3)(2012.4.13)

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