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MD6-M Đầu Jack Tròn
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Trụ Đỡ Cái-Cái, Ø=4mm, L=20mm
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Switching Voltage Regulators 1A SD VTG Reg
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Freescale i.MX 6SoloX, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Motion Sensors, Ethernet

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The most complete tool for wireless mobile IoT applications.
UDOO NEO FULL is the best, all-in-one solution for wireless mobile IoT applications.
You can use it as a Headless Device, exploiting the USB and Ethernet ports and the Wireless Connectivity - a powerful Wi-Fi b/g/n and the newest Bluetooth 4.0. You can also use it as a computer, thanks to its 1GB of RAM. The board is compatible with most Arduino shields, sensors and actuators. UDOO NEO FULL is also compatible with UDOO Bricks: programmable modules, like the temperature sensor and the barometric sensor, that you can add to make UDOO NEO FULL even more versatile.

UDOO NEO FULL can be powered in three ways. You can use:
- A standard 12 volts power supply, we recommend this one;
- A Micro USB cable like the one we have in our USB Kit;
- Any USB battery pack available on the market.

Full Specs

  •     Freescale™ i.MX 6SoloX applications processor with an embedded ARM Cortex-A9 core and a Cortex-M4 Core
  •     Integrated 2d/3d graphics controller
  •     RAM 1GB
  •     Micro HDMI interface - LVDS interface + touch (I2C signals)
  •     Analog camera connection supporting NTSC and PAL - 8-bit parallel camera interface
  •     MicroSD card slot onboard - 8-bit SDIO interface
  •     HDMI audio transmitter - S/PIDF & I2S
  •     1x USB 2.0 Type A ports - 1x USB OTG (micro-AB connector)
  •     Fast ethernet RJ45 – 10/100Mbps - Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n,Direct Mode SmartConfig and Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy
  •     3x UART ports - 2x CAN Bus interfaces
  •     8x PWM signals - 3x I2C interface - 1x SPI interface - 6x multiplexable signals
  •     Power Supply: 5 V DC Micro USB, 6-15 V DC Power Jack, RTC Battery Connector
  •     Green Power Status LED - User Configurable LEDs (Red and Orange)
  •     Integrated Sensors: 3-Axis Accelerometer - 3-Axis Magnetometer - 3-Axis Digital Gyroscope - 1x Sensor Snap-In I2C connector
  •     Dimensions: 89mm x59mm (3.50″ x 2.32″)
  •     Arduino-Compatible through the standard Arduino Pins layout and compatible with Arduino shields
  •     32 extended GPIOs (A9 dedicated) - 22 arduino GPIOs (M4 dedicated)
  •     6 available Pins
  •     Android Lollipop & Linux UDOObuntu2 (14.04 LTS)
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