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Thẻ nhớ Kingston SD 16GB

Thẻ nhớ Kingston SD 16GB

Class 10, SD10V, Kích thước: 32mm x 2.1mm x 24mm

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Kingston Kingston 16G SDHC Class10 (SD10V / 16G) High Speed SD Card
Kingston Class10 SDHC series of flash cards for the mainstream mass consumers at reasonable prices to provide high quality products, is one of the largest selling SDHC card on the market.
The series SDHC flash card minimum capacity of 4GB, can store large amounts of data, and support for FAT 32 file formats, can play the best performance. In addition, Kingston Class10 SDHC Class10 latest series of flash memory cards comply with the speed of the standard, provide a minimum 10MB / s data transfer rate, allowing you to fully enjoy the excellent performance of SDHC devices. Compliance with SDHC standard
SDHC flash memory card form factor with a standard SD flash memory cards available in the market are identical, but the maximum capacity of the SDHC standard makes it soared to 16GB (standard SD card maximum of only 2GB). However, not backward compatible with SDHC cards can only be used in support of SDHC devices. To ensure compatibility, we recommend that you check whether there are signs SDHC card reader and corresponding equipment (digital cameras, video cameras, etc.).
Built-in write-protect switch to prevent accidental data loss
To increase the reliability and durability, Kingston SDHC flash memory card uses non-volatile flash memory particles, and no movable components, without the risk of loss or aging. All flash cards are passed 100% quality testing, and enjoy a lifetime warranty and free technical support services. Class10 high-speed read and write, save each moment

Kingston Class10SDHC series flash memory cards comply with Class10 standards, with excellent reading and writing skills, the actual can reach 10MB / s read and write speed, which means that your digital camera can reach 3 / second continuous shooting capability (with 3MB / Zhang JPG image computing, and the need camera support), but there is no need to wait for a long time when you export a copy of the photo.

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