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TGLS-02 Cảm biến vật cản

TGLS-02 Cảm biến vật cản

Cảm biến vật cản bằng hồng ngoại

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

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The sensor module is adaptable for ambient light, which has a pair of infrared emitting and receiving tubes, a certain frequency of the launch tube infrared emitter, the direction when the obstacle is detected (reflection surfaces), reflected infrared rays received by the receiver tube, after a comparator circuit processing, the green light will illuminate while the signal output interface output digital signal (a low-level signal), can detect the knob to adjust the distance by potentiometer, the effective distance range 2 ~ 30cm, the working voltage of 3.3V- 5V. Detection range of the sensor can be adjusted via potentiometer with a small interference, easy to assemble, easy to use features, can be widely used robot obstacle avoidance, avoidance trolley line count and black and white line tracking and many other occasions.

Module Parameter Description

1. When the module detects an obstacle in front of the signal, the green indicator light on the board level, while the OUT port continuous output low-level signals, the module detects the distance 2 ~ 30cm, detection angle 35 °, the distance can detect potential is adjusted clockwise adjustment potentiometer to detect the distance increases; adjust potentiometer counterclockwise to reduce the detection distance.

2.  Active infrared sensors to detect reflection, and thus the reflectance of the target shape is a critical detection distance. The minimum detection distance where black, white, maximum; little small area of objects from a large area from the Grand.

3. The sensor module output port OUT can be directly connected to the microcontroller IO port, but also can directly drive a 5V relay; Connection: VCC-VCC; GND-GND; OUT-IO

4. The comparator using LM393, job stability;

5. The module may be 3-5V DC power supply. When the power is turned on, the red power indicator light;

6. With the screw holes of 3mm, easy fixed installation;

7. Board size: 3.2CM * 1.4CM

8. Each module shipments already in the threshold voltage is adjusted by potentiometer relatively good, non-special case, do not be adjustable potentiometer.

Module Interface Description

1 VCC external 3.3V-5V voltage (can be directly connected to 5v and 3.3v MCU MCU)

2 GND GND External

3 OUT small board digital output interface (0 and 1)

Shipping list

A barrier sensor module shown in Figure wall piece

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