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Kit ALTERA FPGA Cyclone IV EP4CE6E22C8N, NIOSII SOPC all IO support external expansion

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Nhà sản xuất: Altera

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Main hardware resources 1. The main chip ALTERA FPGA CycloneIV latest fourth generation family EP4CE6E22C8N 2. EPCS4N large capacity onboard serial configuration chip, supports JTAG / AS mode (self upgraded).

Main hardware resources

1. The main chip ALTERA FPGA CycloneIV latest fourth generation family EP4CE6E22C8N

2. Onboard EPCS4N large capacity serial configuration chip, supports JTAG / AS mode (self upgraded to EPCS16)

3. Onboard 64MbitSDRAM, support SOPC, NIOSII development (many low price board without SDRAM, unable to support the development of NIOS SOPC)

4. On-board 50MHz crystal oscillator active, providing the system master clock work

5. Using 1117-3.3V regulator chip, providing 3.3V voltage output

6. Using 1117-1.2V regulator chip, providing FPGA core voltage

7. Using 1117-2.5V regulator chip, providing PLL voltage

8. careful decoupling design, with a large number of decoupling capacitors

9. Provide 5V DC power socket

10. Provide a power outlet side port USB interface

11. In a system reset button Reset, may also be used as user input keys

12. Since the lock button power switch

13.LED power indicator

14. IO resource allocation designed, all IO leads, three expansion interface, universal 2.54mm pitch, let your own extensions

15.JTAG download interface corresponds to the downloaded file is .SOF, fast learning usually recommended to use this interface

16.AS download interface corresponds to the downloaded file is .POF, slower, use when necessary firmware

Rich peripheral resources

1. Onboard four separate buttons, do button control, digital logic and other basic experiment

2. Onboard 4 LED light-emitting diode, do LED control, digital logic basic experiments

3. Onboard four digital control, frequency meter, stopwatch

4. Onboard four DIP switches, switch control experiments do

5. There 1X20 LCD row seat, support LCD1602, LCD12864, TFT LCD screen (not including LCD, sold separately)

6. Precision adjustable resistance, adjust the LCD backlight

7. onboard a road buzzer sound and music can do experiments

8.PS2 interface, do PS / 2 keyboard experiment

9. The new imported onboard temperature sensor chip LM75A, you can do the experiment thermometer

10.RS232 serial port, serial communication experiments do

11.VGA interface, do monitor experiments

12.I2C serial EEPROM AT24C08, do IIC bus experiment

13. IR receiver modules

Software resources and information

1. Supporting series of documents (including: software installation, basic knowledge, operating instructions, etc.)

2. Provide the latest version QuartusII 11.0 (support Chinese comments) software installation packages

3. Schematic available in PDF format

4. To provide a wealth of reference routines, currently dominated Verilog, VHDL routines later update

5. Featured CPLD, FPGA-related e-books

6. Featured Video Tutorials

7. References collection development package


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