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Lithium-ion Battery 4500mAh, Nominal: 12VDC, Input: 12.6V DC Output : 12.6-10.8V

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battery pack 12 V rechargeable rechargeable battery pack 12v dc battery pack lithium ion battery


It is specially designed for powering the system device which use 12V DC power. You can use this battery to power our monitor, wireless transmitter, CCTV camera, LED products, GPS devices, PDA, laptop power backup and so on. Various circuit protection functions, to ensure the saftey and stability of item, such as protection from overcharge, over discharge, over heat.

Technical Specs:

Input Voltage : 12.6V DC

Output Voltage: 12.6-10.8V

Capacity:4500mAh (other capacity available)

Max. Charge current: 3A

Max. Discharge current: 3A

Dimension: 9.0cm(L) x 5.8cm (W) x 2.4cm (H)

Weight :155g


Package include:

1 x rechargeable battery

1 x AC 110~240V power adapter

1 x female to female DC cable

1 x instruction manual

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