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Plato-107 Kìm Cắt
Kìm cắt dây, chân linh kiện 0.1mm, gọn nhẹ, độ cứng cao
0 đ/Cái
Dây bus 6-Pin 1 đầu Female, pitch 1.5mm, dài 15cm
6,000 đ/Cái
KCD3-BIAN Công Tắc
3 Chân DPST Công Tắc Rocker 15A/20A 250V/125VAC
10,000 đ/Cái
DS-228 Nút Nhấn Giữ
Nút Nhấn Giữ, 2 chân, 12mm, 3A/125VAC 1.5A/250VAC
4,000 đ/Cái
PBS-110 Nút Nhấn Nhả
Nút Nhấn Nhả, 7mm, 2 chân, 250VAC/1A,125VAC/3A
4,000 đ/Cái
SPST-3P Công Tắc
20A 12V, 16A 12V 3 Chân, Có Đèn Led
4,000 đ/Cái
0805 120uH Cuộn Cảm
0805 120uH Cuộn Cảm, 5%
2,000 đ/Gói(5pcs)
0805 10nH Cuộn Cảm
0805 10nH Cuộn Cảm, 5%
2,000 đ/Gói(5pcs)
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STM32F4Discovery EXTBOARD-V2

STM32F4Discovery EXTBOARD-V2

STM32F4 mother board, RS232 , 3.2inch LCD touch, CAN, Network, Micro SD

Nhà sản xuất: STMicroelectronics

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STM32F4DISCOVERY full function extended floor board, onboard 3.2 inches large size LCD with touch panel, Ethernet, serial port, CAN, TF card, is the best partner STM32F4DISCOVERY this entry version

SOM407-BB expansion board
1) based on ST factory evaluation kit STM32F4DISCOVERY expansion board
2) supports 3.2 inch industrial grade LCD touch screen, 4 wire touch module
3) supports 300000, 1300000 pixel OV9655 Camera module
4) 1 road 10/100M Ethernet interface
5) 1 road 3-wrie RS232 level interface (DB9 female interface)
6) 5 road 3-wrie TTL level UART, led by pin
7) 1 road SPI interface, through the needle out
8) 2 road CAN, 1 road through the CAN transceiver leads, 1 road through the pin out
9) support SPI interface module WIFI
10) self spring type TF Card interface
11) supports Micrium uC/OS- II _v2.91
12) supports FatFs_vR0.08a file system (file system for the SD card)
13) supports the LwIP_v1.3.2 protocol stack
14) support for EMWIN graphics interface.
15) support extended SPI FLASH, in the LCD screen on the back

Hardware Characteristics
1 processor: based on ARM Cortex-M4 32Bit MCU STM32F407VGT6 micro controller
2 Memory: extended Micro SD card storage
3 Motion sensing: onboard LIS302DL motion sensor
4 Audio interface: 1 road stereo audio Mini-Jack output interface; onboard MP45DT02 digital microphone MEMS Sensor
5 LCD touch screen interface: supports 3.2 inch (320*240) TFT LCD; supports 4-wire resistance touch; 16bit 8080 parallel interface; backlight control
6 Camera interface: support 30W 130W CAM camera module
7 Transmission interface:
1 road serial UART1: 3 wire serial port, RS232 level, DB9 female lead
USB interface:1 * USB2.0 FS OTG/device/host, 12Mbps.Micro-AB interface
Network interface:10/100Mbps Ethernet interface
8 Debugging interface: onboard ST-LINK/V2; reserved for SWD debugging interface
9 Extended interface
 5 road TTL level serial
 1 road 4 channel PWM interface
 1 road SPI interface
 1 road IIC interface
 1 road CAN2.0B interface
 6 road GPIO port
 1 road WIFI interface
The above interface through 2.54 spacing PIN extraction
10 Power interface: standard 5V USB power supply; reserved the external power supply interface
11 Electrical characteristics
 working temperature: 0 ~ 45 degree
 storage temperature: 0 ~ 45 degree
 electric index: 5V@180mA (without LCD)
 fit with CE, RoHS


Software Characteristics
1 System Feature
 support uC/OS-II_v2.86 operating system
 support uC/GUI_v3.90a
 supports FatFs_vR0.08a file system
 supports LWIP_v1.3.2 network protocol stack
2 Development environment
L IAR EWARM: All the driver supports IAR EWARM, EWARM version V6.40 or above; UC/OS-II & uC/GUI Demo does not support IAR EWRAM.
2 Keil MDK-ARM: All the driver and application layer program supports Keil MDK-ARM, MDK-ARM version; V4.22a or above; debugging tool support
3 ULINK2: Suggest using with Keil MDK-ARM is used, debugging is best
4 JLINK-V8: Suggest using with IAR EWARM is used, debugging is best
5 ST-LINK/V2: Keil MDK-ARM and IAR EWARM are suitable for.

Hardware System

1 CPU Information
STM32F407VGT6 is based on ARM Cortex-M4 32bit MCU with FPU unit, 210 DMIPS, up to 1MB FLASH/192+4KB RAM, USB OTG HS/FS, Ethernet, 17 timers, 3 ADC, 15 communication interfaces and a camera port
2 CPU characteristics (STM32F407VGT6 microcontroller)
1) 168MHz/210 DMIPS Cortex-M4, a single cycle DSP MAC and floating point unit
Ø improved control algorithm runs
Ø brings more features to the application
Ø easy to use
Ø good code efficiency
Ø fast listed
Ø convenient supports a variety of languages and tools
2) designed for high performance and super fast data transfer: ART accelerator, 32bit, 7 layers AHB bus matrix (7 main, 8 from, including 2 SRAM blocks), multiple DMA controllers (2 general, 1 USB HS, 1 Ethernet) a kernel for SRAM block, from continuous FLASH performs quite 0 waiting, resource allocation and data transmission and simplified.
3) power efficiency significantly: ultra low dynamic power consumption. In VBAT mode, typically RTC<1 uA. 3.6V down to1.7V VDD, voltage regulator with power regulation ability. When running in low voltage power supply or batteries, application. The need for high performance and low power consumption, can provide super flexibility to reduce power consumption.
4) the highest integration: up to 1M bytes of on-chip FLASH memory, 192K bytes SRAM, reset circuit, internal RC, PLL etc..
5) advanced and innovative peripherals provide new possibilities, high-speed data connection and communication, high resolution.
6) develop product in the STM32 ecosystem, a number of tools and software scheme provides a wide range of choice


1 development environment
2 routines
3 the circuit principle diagram
4 relevant technical data

Delivery list
1* SOM407-BB expansion board
1* 3.2 inch LCD touch screen
1* mini USB data cable
1* cable

Note: the shipping list is not including the STM32F4DISCOVERY, if need, please buy in other link

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L.N.Vũ - lenguyenvu007@gmail.com
Schematic diagram (21h:57' - 10/10/2015)
Chào thegioiic, Mạch ver.2 này thegioiic bán có schematic diagram chi tiết không? Mình đang dùng mạch version trước mua từ thegioiic rồi STM32F407 Discovery ExtBoard Giờ muốn chuyển sang ver.2 này mà không biết cái touch LCD này khác nhiều không?, có driver điểu khiển hay code mẫu phần LCD này không?

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