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ARM Crotex-M3, LCD touch screen 3.2", MP3, CAN, 485, Internet, Wireless

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Nhà sản xuất: STMicroelectronics

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Support 7 inch 800 x 480 TFT LCD Interface(AT070TN92),SSD1963 LCD Controller
Support 4.3 inch 480 x 272 TFT LCD Interface,SSD1963 LCD Controller(Need to pay extra 35$)
Support 3.2 inch 320 X 240 TFT LCD Interface,SSD1963 LCD Controller(Need to pay extra 25$)
Resistive 4-wire Touch Panel integrated
Support MP3 Play,VS1003B onboard
One USB2.0 SLAVE Interface
One USB to RS232 Interface with ISP feature,can used the USB to make the Program Download(press down BOOT0,and press down RESET;release RESET,and then

release BOOT0 to download)
2x10 JTAG interface (for JLink/ULink/ULink2)
IIC Interface (24LC02)
One AD input interface (adjustable potentiometer input)
One internet interface,ENC28J60 on board
One CAN communication interface, the drive chip SN65VHD230
One 485 communication interface, the drive chip SP3485
One RTC Battery Socket
A MICRO SD card connector SDIO control
One switch onborad,optional external 5V power supply or USB input to provide 5V power supply
One Five keys to enter the joystick,2 USER keys, 1 BOOT key,1 RESET key
one camera interface,support OV7670 camera model(need to pay extra 15$)
One wireless interface,support NRF24L01 model(need to pay extra 2$)
All I/O port through the standard pitch leads 2.54MM
Board Size:13.8cm×10.5cm

Provide Datasheet, Schematic, Test Routines, UCOS2+uCGUI3.90A Demo Source Projects. test-source:LED lights,RTC,USB,MP3,Camera,wireless,SD

card,AD,12C,RS232,CAN,485,touch-screen test, TFT LCD screen test ..... Inspire your design inspiration!

Package including:
One 7 inch 800 x 480 TFT LCD Module
One 7 inch Touchpad
One STM32F103VET6 Develop Board
One Mini USB2.0 Cable
One 5V1A power adapter 
One DVD ROM(content software,schematic,routines,drives,documents some in chinese

You can choiceULINK 2 Emulator(http://www.keil.com/ulink/)(20$) or JLINK V8 Emulator (http://www.segger.com/jlink.html)(15$) for programming!You can make the "Buy It Now",and leave a message to us(what you need to add).And then we change the price for you,so that you can make the payment or you give us your Paypal account,and we send the invoice to you.

You can download the SCH from http://bbs.openmcu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=510&fromuid=2.
Please download datasheet and example from:http://bbs.openmcu.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=484&extra=
The item might be a little different (Such as color, etc)from what you've seen on webpage since the accessories you received might be from different batch. However, it won't affect your use.
If you choice EMS/FedEx/UPS/DHL/TNT,please confirm with us!
If you need large quantity, you could contact us. We may give you some discount.

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