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Sticky Mat

Sticky Mat

Tấm dính bụi dùng ở phòng sạch 60*90cm, 30 sheets/tệp

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(Tệp (30sheets))

 Sticky rubber floor mats, sticky glue pad with the latest chemical synthesis method, make sticky mat surface adhesion uniform throughout each sheet. This product is mainly applied to stick on the space between the entrance needs to clean dust or buffer, it can effectively sticky dirt on the soles and wheels in addition, to minimize the impact of dust on the quality of cleaning up the environment, so as to achieve a simple dust effect, solve the other mats dust does not extend completely unable to protect dust problem. For ease of use, tear off, usually sticky mat corner posted a page label.

Product structure: water-soluble polyethylene polyolefin ester adhesive + back

Material: sticky mat, sticky rubber flooring composite multilayer polyethylene film, each layer with high viscosity coating, smooth and durable, able to quickly and effectively remove the soles dirt, dust, keep the work environment clean.
Product Features:

Each layer is coated with a special adhesive viscosity or low viscosity of the adhesive, the product size suitable for different places. Digital label to facilitate the separation between the film and the film, multi-layer, straight edge sticky floor mats can quickly and effectively remove the wheels and the sole means of transport carrying dust, keep the environment clean, easy to use, surface contamination, tear up the floor. Lightweight, easy to carry to quickly and efficiently eliminate static electricity dissipation within the general range. Dedicated power supply can simultaneously drive two HBCgun.
Working pressure :0.3-0 .6 mp is the tool of choice for electronic processing, prepress processing, plastic processing plants and other power plants and other heavy static workplace hazards

Color: Blue
Thickness: (μm) 55 (Tolerance; ± 5μm)
Layer: a 30 (30 times) 
Crack extension to factor: (%) 250 or more

Tension: (Kg/cm2) 170 or more
Paste Strength: (g/25mm) 300-1000, the high and low (OUR shipments of high viscosity) 
Size: 30/10 of the / box (135 yuan) 5 boxes / case
Weight: about 680g / The (24 "* 36") 60 cm * 90 cm

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