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Băng keo chịu nhiệt, Solder Polyimide Tape, W = 10mm, Length = 30M

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 100 Cuộn

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1509 lượt xem

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Name: Goldfinger tape, polyimide tape industry, common name , the international generic trade name KAPTON TAPE;
Place of Origin: China ;
Packaging: roll ;
Specifications: Width 10MM arbitrary order, total length of about 30M.

Technical parameters
Color: Amber
Thickness : 0.055mm
Elongation: 50%
Tensile strength : ≥ 42N/25mm
Peel strength : ≥ 26N/25mm
Tack : 24 #
Holding power : 48H
( Note: The data for the product testing common values, for reference, not as acceptance criteria )

Product Performance
Goldfinger tape polyimide film as the substrate temperature silicone coating is made , the color is brown ( amber ) , Goldfinger tape sticky good, obedient , good temperature, solvent , no infiltration tin, not adhesive residue, products with superior electrical performance:
Short-term temperature 300 ℃, long-term temperature 250 ℃;
High insulation , high temperature , low temperature , acid, low electrolysis, good mechanical properties , abrasion , tear ;
Special adhesive treatment, adhesion strength , tear after masking the surface without leaving traces .

The main purpose
Mainly used in paint, coating, sealing , shoe , packaging fixed , construction and decoration industries ;
Widely used as the electronics industry in transformers, motors, coils, capacitors and variable frequency power supply , high-temperature insulation winding ;
For printed circuit board (PCB), SMT tin stoves, wave soldering process masking Goldfinger ;
High-grade electrical insulation protection and lithium battery positive and negative fixation ;
For solder protection ;
Cell phone lithium battery manufacturing strapping.

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