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RS-232 Interface IC RS232 data rate 120 temp 0C to 70C

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 38 Cái

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5V, 4-driver/5-receiver RS-232, with Shutdown and Wakeup, +/-15KV ESD


  • Meets All EIA-232 and ITU V.28 Specifications
  • Single +5V Supply Operation
  • 3mA Typical Static Supply Current
  • 4 x 0.1µF External Charge Pump Capacitors
  • Typical 230kbps Transmission Rates
  • Standard SSOP Footprints
  • 1µA Shutdown Mode
  • Two Wake-Up Receivers (SP213E)
  • Tri-State/RxEnable (SP211E & SP213E)
  • Improved ESD Specifications:
    • ±15kV Human Body Model
    • ±15kV IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge
    • ±8kV IEC1000-4-2 Contact Discharge

The SP200E Series are enhanced multi–channel RS-232 line transceivers with improved electrical performance. The SP200E family is pin-to-pin compatible with our previous SP200 family as well as popular industry standards. As with the orignal SP200 family, all models in this Series feature low–power CMOS construction and Sipex–patented (5,306,954) on-board charge pump circuitry to generate the ±10V RS-232 voltage levels, using 0.1mF charge pump capacitors to save board space and reduce circuit cost. The SP211E and SP213E models feature a low–power shutdown mode, which reduces power supply drain to 1mA. Enhancements include lower power supply current at 3mA typical (no load) and superior ESD erformance. The ESD tolerance has been improved on this family to over ±15kV for both Human Body Model and IEC1000-4-2 Air Discharge test methods

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