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BLE ESP32 NodeMCU LuaNode32 Module RF Thu Phát Wifi
Wifi BLE Soc ESP32, 5VDC, UART CP2102, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
220,000 đ/Cái
ESP-WROOM-32 Đế Ra Chân
Đế Ra Chân Dùng Cho ESP-WROOM-32
18,000 đ/Cái
ESP-WROOM-32 Mạch Thu Phát Wifi
IoT BLE Module, 2.2-3.6VDC, 90mA
135,000 đ/Cái
Màn Hình Cảm Ứng HMI 7.0 Inch UART
Cảm Ứng Điện Dung, 800x480 7.0" 4.75-7V
1,350,000 đ/Cái
Màn Hình Cảm Ứng HMI 3.2 Inch UART
Cảm Ứng Điện Dung, 400x240 3.2" 4.75-7V
420,000 đ/Cái
Màn Hình Cảm Ứng HMI 2.4 Inch UART
Cảm Ứng Điện Dung, 320x240 2.4" 4.75-7V
320,000 đ/Cái
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GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz performance for voice

Nhà sản xuất: Simcom

Còn: 10 Cái ROHS

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SIM900B (Part number: 1137B09SIM900B32_ST)

SIMCom presents a  compact and reliable wireless module-SIM900B which is compatible with the module-SIM300/340 and SIM340E. This is a complete Quad-band GSM/GPRS module in a B2B type and designed with a very powerful single-chip processor integrating AMR926EJ-S core, allowing you to benefit from small dimensions and cost-effective solutions.


Featuring an industry-standard interface, the SIM900B delivers GSM/GPRS 850/900/1800/1900MHz performance for voice, SMS, Data, and Fax in a small form factor and with low power consumption. SIM900B can fit almost all requirements in your M2M applications.


General features
* Quad-Band 850/ 900/ 1800/ 1900 MHz
* GPRS multi-slot class 10/8
* GPRS mobile station class B
* Compliant to GSM phase 2/2+
  – Class 4 (2 W @850/ 900 MHz)
  – Class 1 (1 W @ 1800/1900MHz)         * SAIC (Single Antenna Interference Cancellation)

* Dimensions: 40*33*3 mm
* Weight: 7g
* Control via AT commands (GSM 07.07 ,07.05 and  
  SIMCOM enhanced AT Commands)
* SIM application toolkit
* Supply voltage range :3.2 ... 4.8V
* Low power consumption: 1.0mA(sleep mode)
* Operation temperature: -40 °C to +85 °C


Specifications for Fax
* Group 3, class 1


Specifications for Data
* GPRS class 10: max. 85.6 kbps (downlink)
* PBCCH support
* Coding schemes CS 1, 2, 3, 4
* Non transparent mode
* PPP-stack


Specifications for SMS via GSM/GPRS
* Point to point MO and MT
* SMS cell broadcast
* Text and PDU mode


Software features
* 0710 MUX protocol
* embedded TCP/UDP protocol


Enhanced version add following features
*FOTA    * MMS
* Embedded AT


Specifications for Voice
* Tricodec
  – Half rate (HR)
  – Full rate (FR)
  – Enhanced Full rate (EFR)
* Hands-free operation
  (Echo suppression)
  – Half rate (HR)
  – Full rate (FR)


* 60 PIN Board-to-board connector
* Interface to external SIM 3V/ 1.8V
* Two analog audio interface
* RTC backup
* SPI interface
* Serial interface
* SIM Card 
         - Option1: SIM holder 
         - Option2: Embeded SIM
* Keypad
* Antenna connector


* AT cellular command interface


* CE
* IC

Carrier Approvals       * NCC   * Orange            *AT&T            * Vodafone

  • Certificate
  • SIM900B FCC GrantDownload
  • SIM900B CE CertificateDownload
  • SIM900B IC GrantDownload
  • Some information about SIM900B PTCRB certificateDownload
  • SIM900B NCC CertificateDownload
  • SIM900B RoHS Test ReportDownload
  • SIM900B REACH Test ReportDownload
  • SIM900B GCF Justification LetterDownload
  • SIM900B GCF Test ReportDownload
  • SIM900B PTCRB Test ReportDownload
  • SIM900B FCC Test ReportDownload
  • SIM900B_Vodafone_Test ReportDownload
  • SIM900B REACH Test Report For The First and Second SVHC AnalysisDownload
  • SIM900B REACH Test Report For The Third and Forth SVHC AnalysisDownload
  • Diagram
  • SIM900B_EVB_Schematics_V2.02Download
  • Hardware Design
  • SIM900B_SIM300SIM340 _HD_Comparison_V1.02Download
  • SIM900B_Hardware Design_V2.01Download
  • Specification
  • SIM900B_Specification_V1203Download
  • User Guide
  • SIM900B_EVB kit_User Guide_V1.02Download
SIM900B Connector, 2x30 = 60 chân
Giá: 25.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 30 Cái
1.27mm 60Pin SMD Male Header
Giá: 9.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 1221 Cái
60(30x2) pin 1.27mm SMD Female connector
Giá: 11.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 482 Cái
SMA Right Angle Female PCB Connector length 15mm
Giá: 11.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 1555 Cái
SMA PCB Female Connector, lenght 18MM
Giá: 13.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 871 Cái
SMA Edge PCB Female Connector, 13.5mm
Giá: 11.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 659 Cái
Frequency range: 850/900/1,800/1,900MHz, Gain: 3.15dBi, Size: D=10MM, L:110MM
Giá: 24.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 257 Cái
GPS Antenna for all GPS devices with SMA Male Connector. Frequency: 1575.42 MHz
Giá: 69.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 90 Cái
GSM / DCS / CDMA WCDMA/ 2G/ 3G Antenna 900/1800/1900MHz, 2.5dBi, 20W
Giá: 20.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 106 Cái
GSM / DCS / CDMA WCDMA/ 2G/ 3G Antenna 900/1800/1900MHz, 2.5dBi, 20W
Giá: 25.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 297 Cái
GPRS 3G GSM, Frequency Range 890-960/1,710-1,990MHz
Giá: 32.000 đ /Cái
Còn: 359 Cái
Frequency 900/1800/850/1900MHz
Giá: 25.000 đ /Cái
GSM/GPRS Antenna SMA, length 3m
Giá: 89.000 đ /Cái
GPS+GSM combined antenna, length 3m
Giá: 149.000 đ /Cái
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