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SIM900A module, SMS, GSM, GPRS, STM32 Wireless Data DTMF MMS

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Nhà sản xuất: Simcom

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2021 lượt xem

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 This module power requirements: 5V power supply, the early computer debugging USB-powered computer to meet the requirements. Because we added a 1000UF large capacitor. Time transmission of data over large electricity recommend 1A DC, TTL level serial adaptation compatible with 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers. Can be directly connected to the microcontroller. Standby around 80MA, you can set the sleep state at 10MA low power consumption. Computer debugging USB - 232 and USB - TTL can be, according to their accessories may be. Support SMS, data, multimedia, Internet and so on. Reset pin leads, enabling the site unattended remote reset function with DTMF remote control function. The biggest advantage is to retain 232 modules, learning or development time can monitor the implementation of the 51 low-end microcontrollers and modules instruction to more quickly identify the causes, saving development time and learning. [Support 2,3,4G phone card ]. The default section.

Another sale SIM900A 3.5--4.5V1.5A more DC power supply module for 3.7V Li-ion battery power. Need to contact customer service. This section module 3.3V TTL level compatible systems, 5VTTL system through the control module 232.

Serial circuit: The TVS protection devices to protect and bead board, so the board will not be a surge, high voltage damage.
SIM card circuit: increase SMF05C chip electrostatic discharge.
The antenna circuit: to ensure short and straight, so as to ensure that the signal strength.
PCB show: silk mark each interface, convenient secondary development, in full compliance with SIM900A hardware design manual design.
5V power supply connector all the way: we do protect, even reversed, it will not burn the board. Early debugging USB-powered computer to computer; time to transfer data with greater power than we recommend 1A DC.
Way TTL interface: Supports 3.3V and 5V microcontrollers microcontrollers. That kind of support 51 5V microcontroller and STM32 microcontroller.
Two Antenna Interface: SMA antenna connector, IPX MINI antenna interface (default is not welding).
232 all the way to level interface: that you can directly connect the module to the computer via a raised 232 --- USB serial cable. You can also USB - TTL connected to the computer, based on individual parts circumstances. Do not need to spend more money to buy parts and this is the biggest difference is the other sellers.

Fourth, the Global Hawk --SIM900A common control module Brief Introduction

4.1, the computer control module method:

In a word, send commands through the serial port (AT commands) to the control module. Here are two common ways to control SIM900A module:

The first: via USB to TTL module, computer module debugging SIM900A diagram:




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