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SIM900 Arduino Shield

SIM900 Arduino Shield

SIM900 Quad-band GSM/GPRS shield for Arduino

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GPRS Shield- expansion board is a serial GSM / GPRS wireless module. The purpose is to allow fans to learn quickly Arduino GSM / GPRS mobile phone development, and can be applied to wireless development projects to the class, but also for the development of various remote control, such as wireless meter reading, smart appliances, ultra-long-range control.

GPRS Shield compatible with all standard Arduin development board. GPRS Shield is a four-band GPRS / GSM module supports four kinds of standard band 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz, can send SMS text messages, phone calls, faxes and all other mobile phones with GPRS function. GPRS Shield allows you to very quickly understand wireless handset development processes and development.

GPRS Shield of three operating modes:

Short Message Service text messaging service model

Audio music mode

GPRS mode

Module uses a standard 2.54 pin connector onboard a super capacitor can guarantee in case of power outages RTC module clock timing 1-2 days, can be used to study the development of mobile alarm timer.


Fully compatible Arduino development board series and Mega2560

Serial communication, free choice of hardware serial ports (D0 / D1) or software serial port (D2 / D3) and the motherboard communication

SIM900, all IC all stay out, not only UART port, DEBUG port, including all GPIO ports and KEY, PANEL interfaces

On-board super capacitor to ensure RTC work

While supporting software and hardware switch, support software and hardware reboot

Content items

1. SIM900 GSM / GPRS Arduino expansion board

2. GSM antenna

3. GSM antenna adapter cable


    After the plug Arduino board, and sometimes we need to simultaneously connect 9V DC power supply. The reason is that the current GPRS Shield boot and work up to a maximum peak current required 2A, but the USB port is unable to provide such a large current, it must be an external power supply equipment.
    Ensure that your SIM card is not locked
    GPRS Shield communication baud best 19200 bps 8-N-1 (GPRS Shield default automatic pairing baud)



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