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SIM808 Module V2

SIM808 Module V2

SIM808 module GSM GPRS GPS, IPX SMA, GPS Antenna for Arduino Raspberry Pi

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Nhà sản xuất: Simcom

Còn : 7 Cái

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826 lượt xem

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First, the program provided (STC12 / 15/89, STM32 series):
     Dial number;
     Answer the phone;
     Send SMS TEXT format;
     Send Chinese SMS;
     Receive SMS control LED lights;
     GPRS_TCP program (dynamic IP);
     GPRS_TCP procedures (domain name);
     GPRS_UDP program (dynamic IP);
     GPRS_UDP procedures (domain name);
     GPRS transparent transmission mode programs;
     Comprehensive functional demo program (STM32);
     Comprehensive functional demo program (STC12);
     Comprehensive functional demo program (STC15);
     Bluetooth test program (PPS service, Bluetooth serial);
     Bluetooth phone control LED lights;
     GPS test program

Second, part of the resources module

  • SIM808 module 5V - 18v power supply;
  • Via USB-TTL module, enabling the module to communicate with the computer;
  • It contains a set of cell phone lithium battery power connector;
  • It contains three LED indicators, easy to debug;
  • Contains a MICRO SIM card holder;
  • It contains a set of TTL serial port, compatible with 2.85V, 3.3V, 5v system (Taobao only one);
  • It supports text messaging, phone, GPRS data, GPS, support for the HTTP protocol, supports DTMF decoder, support MMS, support recording function, and so on;
  • Because the module too powerful, please do not bring the tracker, listening devices and the like.

Third, through the USB-TTL module debugging module SIM808 picture (it is very easy to develop)


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