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SIM808 Module

SIM808 Module

SIM908 GSM GPRS GPS, MMS, SMS transmission module

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SIM908 GSM GPRS GPS, MMS, SMS transmission module

1. Send a message English
2. Send a message in Chinese
3. Designated phone call, hang up automatically after 1 minute
4. Specifies the content of the message received, the control LED breaking
5. Detection module is registered to a network, whether to read SIM card, and send message
6. Through GPRS, connect to the specified server and sends the specified data
7. Provides information on sleep, power consumption is about 10MA.
8. Provides 51 extracts the GPS program.
SIM808 module 5V power supply. Computer USB port can be very convenient. TTL serial port adaptive Compatible 3.3V and 5v microcontroller, debugging computer: USB - TTL can. SIM908 belong to GSM, GPRS, GPS {text messaging, data transmission, positioning} triple function. Quad-band communications, globally available. , AT command operation, can support SMS, phone, GPRS data, GPS data is automatically output, embedded TCP protocols, supports transparent mode and command mode, supports the HTTP protocol, supports DTMF decoder, support MMS, support recording function, etc .. ..
Only information used to understand before buying. We can only guarantee the normal module, does not provide technical support, such as encountered other difficulties, please go to a professional forum for help.



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