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SIM Socket

SIM Socket

"push-push" SMT SIM socket for GSM SIM cards

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn : 60 Cái

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2050 lượt xem

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This is a new compact "push-push" SMT SIM socket for GSM SIM cards, with an integrated card detect switch.

The socket features a rugged stainless steel body, gold plated contacts rated for a minimum of 5000 insertion cycles, and is fully RoHS-compliant.

This product allows side insertion of the SIM socket, thereby saving the space required for a hinged SIM socket to be open and closed. The card locks in place when pushed into the socket, and is released when pushed once more.

The 115A series is available for with 6 or 8 pin SIM cards. Attend also manufacture the standard hinged type SIM sockets (115B series), as well as the slide in type of SIM sockets without cover, for applications where space and cost are important.

Phản hồi(1)
vannam0592 - vannam0592@gmail.com
Xin thư viện của socket nay (09h:59' - 14/10/2013)
nên chia sẽ file thư viện altium của socket này hoặc datasheet

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