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SI4463 RF Module

SI4463 RF Module

2000M, Long-distance RF wireless module 433Mhz

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E10-M4463D-SMA is a middle power 433MHz frequency wireless transceiver module. It has features of high performance, long distance and high air rate.


Application: This module can be widely applied in high-speed wireless data transmission, remote acquisition, security alarm, power monitoring, intelligent household, robots, model aircraft , lighting control, intelligent buildings, medical equipment, wireless audio, VOIP applications, high-end toys, intelligent sports equipment, wireless sensor networks.

1. Module size 16.6 * 24.1 mm
2. Source devices: All imports , origin : United States, Japan,
3. Production Machine stickers, wireless products must Machine stickers can ensure batch consistency reliability
4. Interface: Double row 6 * 2.54mm, use the universal plate and DuPont line
5. Supply voltage: 1.8V-3.6VDC, to meet the demand for battery-powered
6. Communication level: 0.7VDD-3.6VDC, VDD is the supply voltage of the module
7. Measured distance: 2100m at 1K, condition : urban , open visualization , 30c, cloudy
8. Maximum power: 20dBm, about 100mW
9. Air rate:0.123K - 1MBPS adjustable via software
10. Shutdown Current:Approximately 30nA, test conditions : PD mode , SDN = 1
11. Power Level:-20 - +20 DBm adjustable, see SI446X manual and API documentation
12.  Emission current: Maximum peak of about 80mA
13. Receive current: 10MA, Condition : 3.0VDC power supply
14. Antenna form:433M spring antenna / SMA male screw bore Optional
15. Communication Interface:Standard SPI modes 0, the maximum rate of 10Mbps
16. Launch length: Single packet 1-64 bytes, supports dynamic length
17.Receive length: Single packet 1-64 bytes, supports dynamic length
18. RSSI Support:
19. Receiver Sensitivity: -121dBm
20. Operating Temperature: -30 - +85 c
21. Humidity: <90 % relative humidity
22. Storage Temperature:-40 - +125 c
23. Working frequency:425MHz - 525MHz, software adjustable ( module crystal is 30MHz)


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