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SBC6020 Single Board Computer

SBC6020 Single Board Computer

Board AT91SAM9G20, 400Mhz, 64MB RAM, 128MB Nand, Atmel

Nhà sản xuất: Embest

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Hardware Features

  • Dimensions: 150mm x 106mm
  • Power supply: +12V
  • Working temperature: -10~70°C
  • Processor: Atmel AT91SAM9G20 (ARM926EJ-STM core with MMU capable of 400MHz operation)
  • 64Mbyte SDRAM
  • 128Mbyte Nand Flash (support up to 256Mbyte, bootable)
  • 4Mbyte Nor Flash (bootable)
  • 2Kbit EEPROM
  • 2 10M/100M Ethernet ports
  • 7 serial ports (Debug: 3-wire RS232 serial port, COM0: 5-wire RS232/TTL serial port, COM1: 5-wire RS485 serial port, COM2: 5-wire RS232/TTL serial port, COM3/4/5: 3-wire RS232/TTL serial port)
  • 2 USB2.0 full-speed (12 Mbits/S) Host ports
  • 1 USB2.0 full-speed (12Mbits/S) Device port
  • 1-channel CAN2.0 Bus
  • 4-channel 10-bit ADC
  • RTC (battery backed)
  • CF card socket
  • Mini-PCI interface (SDIO, SPI, COM2 and USB Host are led out through this interface)
  • Buzzer
  • LEDs
  • 1 Reset button
  • Watchdog timer
  • 8 GPIOs (can be used as 4*4 keyboard or independent IOs)
  • 20-pin JTAG interface

Software Features








u-boot 1.3.4

Boot Mode

Boot from NAND Flash or Nor Flash

Download Mode

Download kernel and file system from SAM-BA or Ethernet

Kernel and drivers


Linux 2.6.30

File system



Serial, RTC, NET, LED, RS485, CAN, SD, Buzzer, USB, Keypad, EEPROM, GPIO, CF, Watchdog

File System

File System

yaffs2 file system, can be read and written

Network protocol and applications


Complete TCP/IP protocol

System configuration and service

Network Ping

Ping command, used in checking system

Basic command

Ifconfig, route, inetd

Used for Network configuration and service programs

Linux command

cat, chmod, discard, echo, flashwrite, flashfsd, free, genhtml, init, kill, loader, Ls, mkdir, mount, ps, reboot, rm, smanaged, sysconf, yes, insmod, lsmod, rmmod

General Description

Embest SBC6020 Single Board Computer is based on the Atmel AT91SAM9G20 microprocessor which contains an ARM9 core with built-in Ethernet MAC and seven Serial ports, targeted for high performance embedded industrial applications with high constraints on power consumption.

Embest SBC6020 Single Board Computer exposes all features of the AT91SAM9G20 microprocessor and supports many standard interfaces and peripheral devices including USB Host/Device, Ethernet, CAN, SPI, Serial ports, CF card slot, ADC, JTAG, GPIO, Mini-PCIe interface and more over. The Mini-PCIe interface has integrated SDIO, SPI, UART and USB signals. Customer can attach 3G module, GPS module, GPRS/GSM module and WiFi/Bluetooth module to this interface.

The board is capable of supporting Linux 2.6.30 open-source operating system. The system can boot from either Nand Flash or Nor Flash. It is pre-installed with the U-Boot boot loader. Embest provides all drivers in source code and together with user manual and some other tools and documents to help customer immediately start with their code development. It is an already device which can be used directly by customers for their embedded applications.

Order Information


Embest SBC6020 Single Board Computer


  • One SBC6020 board
  • One Serial cable
  • One net cable
  • One USB cable
  • One 12V power adapter

Software and Documents

  • Documents (user manual, schematic drawing in PDF format, Datasheet)
  • Linux 2.6.30 BSP


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