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Saleae16-V1  Logic Analyzer

Saleae16-V1 Logic Analyzer

Logic16, USB saleae16 100M, decoding logic analyzer tool

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1, the sole official original genuine software compatibility, can support Windows, Linux, OS all 32-bit and 64 - bit systems, can be directly from the softwarewww.saleae.com/downloadsDownload the.
2, exclusive circuit design, measurement is plus or minus 50 v input range, can perfect measurement serial port 232, LIN bus, such as voltage, below 50 v can be normal measurement.
3, perfect supporting software updates, infinite now can support various versions 1.15, 1.16, 1.17.
4, CAN parse UART, I2C, SPI, 1 - Wire, SWI, Biss C, CAN, DMX - 512, HDMI CEC, I2S/PCM, JTAG, LIN, MDIO, Manchester, PS / 2 the rid_device_info_keyboard/mouse, Simple Parallel, UNI/O, USB1.1 and other 18 kinds of agreements

Shipping list:
Perfect version Saleae Logic16 logic analyzer host one
A line a (channel 0 to 15, a total of 20)
A high quality USB line
High quality clip 20
Data to a CD.
Sampling frequency is3 channel 100 m, 6 channel 50 m, 9 channel 32 m, 16 m 16 channels, mean, 10 g depth100 m sampling rate can save 100 seconds, in 1 m sampling rate can save data from 10000 seconds.Communication for a long time to collect and protocol parsing as cut melon cutting, speedIs suitable for 72 m frequency up to 18 m of STM32 SPI communication.
Real-time data into the computer memory storage, can save the data for such a long time, the computer memory storage depth of G level,Companies generally use K levels of the storage hardware, the sort of logic analyzer can only save a few ms data, see the , tens of thousands of

Said to our technology hate this product high requirement to the computer, I explain: this equipment is depend USB with a speed of 300 mbit real-time data into the computer, and the speed of USB is the speed limit of 480 mbit, therefore requires your computer must be USB2.0, and is best saleae16 assigned to a USB port can, even if in parallel to the other USB port equipments, the most up to less than the highest speed, but can not reach the highest speed is not can't use, but reduce the sampling rate can be used, such as reduced from 3 channel 100 m to 80 m 3 channel sampling, 6 channel 50 m to 40 m sampling channel.According to experience, as long as you give him alone to distribute a USB port, more than 95% of the computer can reach the highest 3 channel 100 m or 100 m = 3 * at a speed of 300 m, the 6 channel 50 m * 6 m = 50 300 m...Reach the highest friends to reduce the steps of the sampling rate can be a perfect sample, please don't believe the rumor

Saleae16 requires no additional hardware store, use the computer memory when memory, is undoubtedly a great innovation and progress.
Traditional logic analyzer hardware memory onlyK level, the time of collection onlyTo ms levelA byte, 9600 baud rate of the UART communication is 1 ms, you can also see what communication process, can help you analyze what data??
The so-called compression mode for high sampling rateNot only will not increase the storage capacity will reduce, you can see the following information about the compression mode.Ask everyone to polish eyes, choose the right product.

The world's first300 mbitReal-time bandwidth analyzer
Comparing the traditional logic analyzer biggest advantage:
The depth of traditional logic analyzer is very low, acquisition time is very short, while some logic analyzerThe use of the so-called "high compression ratio" mode is compressed, actually USES is with the concept of space, in time, the usage for low speed signal effectively, for high speed signal has no effect, lost the meaning of high sampling rate.
For example, use 1 m storage space, he can store signal state points out of 512 k, 512 k to save other changes of the time, 100 m sampling rate, if the acquisition of three channels, each channel signal is 25 m, any one channel change, all want to save time, the 512 k, can save about 512 k/(25 * 3 m) = 6.8 ms data, if 16 channel parallel acquisition, any changes in a channel will save time, greatly reduce the storage time, the traditional analyzer memory is less than 1 m, usually us save time level......Only change slowly, each channel signal can be stored for a long time, gathering for a long time, what about 100 m sampling and dice, by 1 m sample rate slowly bai.
And Saleae16 using 25 m 100 m collection 3 channel signals, real-time data into the computer memory, the speed of 300 mbit (USB2.0 speed limit is 480 mbit), our computer memory how to also G storage depth, as long as the computer memory, storage time up to 100 seconds...And if the signal changes slowly, 1 m sampling rate can be saved in 10000 seconds.
So-called compression mode, only to the low rate of useful signal, high-speed signal using compression mode even than without compression acquisition time is short, because compressed itself with a large storage space to save time variation of the parameters.

Function characteristics:
1, Saleae logic analyzer, is my logic analyzer of the most humane and easy to use interface of a logic analyzer, you can look at the manual to understand.
2, Saleae16 USES the resource dynamic multiplexing technology,Can achieve 3 channel 100 m sampling rate, channel 6 50 m sampling rate, channel 32 m uptake and 16 channel 9 16 m high sampling rate,Computer USB port must be 2.0.
3, Saleae16 real-time sampling data into the computer, your computer memory size is the device memory, and USES the compression algorithm, to save the data changes,Software depth up to 10 g.
4, Saleae16 canAutomatic analysis of UART, IIC, SPI, DMX - 512, JTAG as many as 14 kinds of communication protocol, etc, in addition to display waveform, directly display the data size.
5, Saleae16 can display the data for the decimal, hexadecimal, 2 hexadecimal and ASCII format, convenient for you to analyze the data.
6, very practical trigger Settings, can start the data they want to grab.


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