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Nguồn xung, input AC220V, 20W, Output: 5VDC, 4A

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Nhà sản xuất: Chưa xác định

Còn : 23 Cái

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Operating voltage : Input : 110 | 220V,
Output voltage : 5V 4A
Dimensions : 85 × 58 × 33mm, plus packaging weighs about 100 grams.
Material : High heat aluminum
● miniaturization
● Protection Short circuit / overload / over voltage
● 100% full load burn-in test 

Special Note : 1 , all products are priced price excluding tax .
2 , according to real freight charge , contact modify shipping after shot . If insufficient return shipping freight , payment done deal , please understand the inconvenience 1 switching power supply

1 ) metal housing and housing in general and the power cord ground (FG) is connected to a reliable ground to ensure safety, can not be mistakenly connected to the zero line shell .
2 ) Before installed power test run , check and proofread again terminals on each connection , ensure that the input and output , AC and DC , single phase and multiphase , positive and negative voltage and current values , etc. undoubtedly correct , before electricity to run.
For power supply, generally have three or more "+ " input terminal and the " - " output terminal , an output polarity fact they belong only to the user easy operation.
(3) Product Features :

Using imported components, high reliability. Built- WMI filters, anti-jamming performance .

DC ripple , high efficiency. Soft- start circuitry , AC inrush current limiting.

Low temperature, long service life. Wide input voltage range , in line with globally applicable standards.

Good insulation properties, high dielectric strength . Short circuit, overload , overvoltage protection function .

4 Our supply for LED billboards , LED display. Luminous characters . Lights, lights with touch group . Security . Monitoring, etc. ! Versatile !

Before buyers captured goods , try to ask all the questions , there are doubts about the deal to avoid causing unnecessary trouble between the parties to the transaction .

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