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Radio Data Transceiver, 433Mhz, Hoperf

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Nhà sản xuất: Hoperf

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Số lượng mua

2638 lượt xem

Bảng giá

Số lượng

  • 500mW
  • 2.2V to 3.8V + 12V PA
  • Low power
  • Standby <0.3uA
  • Tuning free
  • FSK modulation
  • PLL and Zero IF
  • Fast PLL lock with 2.5KHz step
  • 115.2Kb/s
  • Differential antenna input
  • Automatic antenna tuning
  • Programmable receiver bandwidth

The RFM12BP is a single chip, low power, multi-channel FSK transceiver designed for use in applications requiring FCC or ETSI conformance for unlicensed use in the 433, 868 and 915 MHz bands. The RFM12BP transceiver is a part of Hoperf’ EZRadioTM product line, which produces a flexible, low cost, and highly integrated solution that does not require production alignments. The chip is a complete analog RF and baseband transceiver including a multi-band PLL synthesizer with PA, LNA, I/Q down converter mixers, baseband filters and amplifiers, and an I/Q demodulator. All required RF functions are integrated. Only an external crystal and bypass filtering are needed for operation.

The RFM12BP features a completely integrated PLL for easy RF design, and its rapid settling time allows for fast frequency-hopping, bypassing multipath fading and interference to achieve robust wireless links. The PLL’s high resolution allows the usage of multiple channels in any of the bands. The receiver baseband bandwidth (BW) is programmable to accommodate various deviation, data rate and crystal tolerance requirements. The transceiver employs the Zero-IF approach with I/Q demodulation. Consequently, no external components (except crystal and decoupling) are needed in most applications.

The RFM12BP dramatically reduces the load on the microcontroller with the integrated digital data processing features: data filtering, clock recovery, data pattern recognition, integrated FIFO and TX data register. The automatic frequency control (AFC) feature allows the use of a low accuracy (low cost) crystal. To minimize the system cost, the RFM12BP can provide a clock signal for the microcontroller, avoiding the need for two crystals.

For low power applications, the RFM12BP supports low duty cycle operation based on the internal wake-up timer.

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