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RF Receiver Module 433-SYN470R

RF Receiver Module 433-SYN470R

433MHz RX Receiver Module -107dBm France IC SYN470R

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Nhà sản xuất: Chưa xác định

Xuất xứ: Trung Quốc

Còn : 30 Cái

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Item Description

BX-RM12 -433 is an ASK/OOK receiver super-heterodyne module adopted SYN400R chips, which is designed specifically for unlicensed remote-control and wireless security receiver operating at 315/433.92MHZ under FCC Part 15 regulation or pass ETSI certification. BX-RM12 -433 is based on a single-conversion, super-heterodyne receiver architecture and incorporates an entire Phase-Locked Loop(PLL)for precise local oscillator generation. It can be used in OOK/HCS/PWM modulation signal and demodulate it to digital signal. BX-RM12 -433 have a high performance at a competitive cost and easily to design your products.  
Receiver Module No. : BX-RM12 -433 (match with our BX-TX01 -433 or BX-TX05 -433 module)
Low cost ASK/AM radio superhet receiver ;

High frequency stability ( no adjust components) & coherence;

Very low RF Re-radiation at the antenna;

Operation temperature :  -20  ~ +70 ;

Supply voltage:2.8-5.5V;
Operating frequency (MHz): 315MHz ;

Compatable with most AM (ASK/OOK) transmitters ;

Smal package : SIL-6PIN (2.54 of pin distance);
Lead Temperature(solding 3s) : 330 degrees centigrade . 
Receiver IC : SYNOXO SYN470R (Made in France );
Typical Applications
• Smart home systems;
• Remote controls systems;
• Remote fan and light control;
• Garage door and gate openers; 
• Alarm and security system ;
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