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Remote Control Switch TG220V

Remote Control Switch TG220V

Bộ điều khiển từ xa Relay, 315Mhz, 1 kênh, 220V

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

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The remote control receiver board for anti-theft alarm , remote control electric windows, signal control , industrial control , lifting equipment, electrical control circuitry. Remote control switch module relay contact Independent output , ideally suited for direct control of various types of load ;

Product uses wireless fixed code coding technology , no direction, switches without disturbing each other . .

Receiver board can withstand maximum current of 10A per channel , can directly drive an AC load , each relay with a normally open ( normally closed ) contacts.

To prolong the life of the receiver plate , the restaurant does not recommend control power load , it is recommended to control the power per channel at 1000W ( resistive load ); 600W ( inductive load ); 400W ( motor load ) or less.
Working Voltage : AC 220V

Operating Frequency : 315MHZ

Contact capacity : ≤ 10A/250VAC; 10A/30VDC

-105dB ">Receiver sensitivity :>-105dB

Remote control distance : 100 meters ( open area without interference ) This distance is open to non- interference in the theoretical distance , use will be reduced depending on the environmental interference and walls . Typically about 10% -50 % of nominal distance.

Control approach: a way normally open / normally closed contact

Coding Type : Fixed code ; pads coding

Receive board size : 51 * 40 * 25mm ( SEG code standard housing package )

Work: ( orders must be marked when the interlock / Jog / self-locking ) default interlock

Remote Operation : ● using two keys on the remote interlock design, use one remote control key is turned on electrical equipment and other electrical equipment when you turn the key is pressed directly off electrical equipment. This design will be accurate at the time of the remote control wall switch lights turn on and off , and those self-locking type with only one button on the remote control for more than a few will be easy to forget the walls by electrical switching state.

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