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Remote Control Switch TG15A

Remote Control Switch TG15A

Bộ điều khiển từ xa Relay, 315Mhz, 1 kênh, 220VAC, 15A

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn : 1 Bộ

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[ Powered unlit type ] : This is universal , shops , also known as the normally-off type , generally small power electrical lamps can be used. Characteristics : After the receiver is energized, the switch must be controlled with a remote control . If the control lamps, wall switches can not turn on the lights , wall switches can generally be omitted . This remote switch with no sub- switch function. Generally used to control exhaust fan , low-power appliances. Advantages : Electric will not start after power outage calls itself relatively safe.

[ by large ones Category ] : remote control receiver according to the number of output lines can be divided into : 1 channel , 2-way , 3-way , 4-way . One -way ( is single) receiver outputs a line , usually used to control ( a lamp or a lamp ) bedroom lights. 2-way 3-way 4-way receiver output line is 2-way 3-way 4-way , generally used to control the living room lights ( combination of multiple lamps with multiple lamp in ceiling ) , you can achieve packet control switch lights.

[ press the remote control to control the number of receivers ] : a 3-way trailer , a trailer 5 Road. May refer to a single remote control three or five independent receivers. The receiver may be mounted to a plurality of multiple rooms ( multiple locations ) . Typically the remote control can be added to the composition of two trailers with 3-way , two -way , and so dragged 5 . Note: 1 drag multiple receivers are single-channel receiver.
[ install location ] ( reading ) : The receiver remote control switch their needs access 220v ( line and neutral ) to work , usually installed inside the fixture or ceiling above . Because there is generally only FireWire wall switch no zero line , there are other reasons a larger size , so the receiver can not be directly mounted to the inside wall switch wall switch replacement . Of course, you can solve these two problems , install to any location is possible. Please look at the friends must purchase products , thank you.

[ Special Note ] ( reading ) : remote control switch does not work in a handful of lighting ballasts above interference by other manufacturers products exist in this phenomenon. You can switch to other lamps use, you can also send friends. This case return shipping AA, which means that each bear the shipping costs. Customers do not agree , please do not buy , thank you. Note: Currently not working properly found the Panasonic Op lights on individual models .

Remote switch can replace the wall switch it?
Answer : You can not . Because the receiver is a two-wire itself requires power ( line and neutral ) to work , but there is generally no wall switch cassette zero line , while due to the size generally do not put into the switch back box inside. The receiver is installed directly inside the fixture , wall switch without removing the original , the original does not affect the function of the wall switch .

Remote switch jobs? How life ?
A: The remote control switch internal mechanical contact with the relay off work , contact capacity 250V/7A and 10A, normal life is very long, the design life of more than 5 years . 220v power supply can control all the various lighting: incandescent, energy saving lamps, all kinds of ceiling lamps, fluorescent lamps , etc. . Resistive load ≤ 500w ( incandescent ) . Inductive load ≤ 200w ( energy saving lamps , LED lights, etc. ) .

Interference between multiple sets of the same type remote control switch do ?
A: No interference has its own password , the remote control and the receiver has a corresponding relationship between the remote control is not universal. Like a lock and key relationship , there is correspondence.

Receiver FireWire zero line can not distinguish it? What reverse phenomenon ? How to solve ?
A: The red line receiver to pick FireWire, either take a black wire to the zero line . If you mistakenly reversed the zero line of fire, is a remote receiver can work. But the reverse , the receiver control is zero off the line , energy-saving fluorescent lamps and led lights , you may see slightly bright or fluorescent lights flashing phenomenon will be more pronounced at night . At this point is the receiver 220v Input: red and black lines reversed the zero line of fire, the exchange about the wiring on it.

What remote transmitter battery ?
A: The vast majority of the shop using the remote control battery models : 12v/23A dedicated battery . General electronic counter markets or large supermarkets have to buy batteries . Shops also sell 1.5 yuan a . Normal life in general ≥ 1 years . Leiruinuosi remote lamp use 12v/27A batteries. Chang Peng remote switch models using ordinary 1.5v No. 7 batteries.

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