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Remote Control Switch TG10A

Remote Control Switch TG10A

Bộ điều khiển từ xa Relay, 315Mhz, 1 kênh, 220VAC , 10A

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Nhà sản xuất: Chưa xác định

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Technical parameters:

Working voltage : AC220 V load power : 10A Encoding: Learning

Work: self-locking , interlocking or jog output: active output ( output 220 volts )

Receiving frequency : 315MHZ Remote distance : 50 meters above the control panel size : 12 * 30.5 * 45mm


Press a button on the remote control either , if you learn indicator is blinking, this remote can learn supporting the product.

1 clear : often hold down the button to learn , learn indicator light, light off after 5 seconds , which means that cleared successfully . After cleared before the matching remote control no longer works . Note: If the factory before supporting good , do not be cleared to operate !

[ 220 volt wiring diagram Learning A1 ] 2 Select work: let go after the operation is cleared , two seconds after the light flashed , then let go jogging indicating the selection work ; If flashes twice and then let go , then choose self-locking works ; If flash three times and then let go , then select the interlocking work.

3 matching remote control: choose a good after work, press and hold the learn button and hold , indicator light, release the hand , press the remote control to transmit signals supporting the indicator flashes three off , which means that the remote control has been a good learning this button. For more with remote control, re- operation of this step can be !

Note : This product can support remote control fixed code and learning code remote control , if it is the same kind of fixed code remote control, simply press the remote control has a good supporting same address code can be compiled , can be equipped with any number of remote control ; if learning code remote control , press the third step can operate , such remote control can only support a maximum of 16 , such as adding , the first remote control no longer works , and so on . If you find someone else's remote control can also control your switch ( weight codes phenomenon ) , the first switch clearing operation , and then replaced by another remote control address code , re- matching can be.

315MHz Fixed Code 2-Channel RF Remote
Giá : 39.000 đ /Cái
Còn : 24 Cái
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