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Remote Control Lamp Holder TG2205

Remote Control Lamp Holder TG2205

Remote control lamp holder, switch 220V single, screw type, 315Mhz

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This section has two modes selectable lamp ( please leave a message when you shoot , the default type of light hair ) :

Power failure calls, light type - The benefit of this feature is to use the wall switch can turn on the lights , if can not find the remote control , you can turn on the lights with a wall switch , this section is suitable for installation in the bedroom and is equipped with a wall switch places, the general power outages or less , if extended absence , the wall switch to turn off the line.

Outage calls again , does not light type - this is suitable for installation in a corridor where there is no wall switch installed using only control lights on and off with a remote control . Cons: Can not turn on the lights with a wall switch , if you can not find the remote control , you can not turn on the lights .

Product parameters
     1 , Case Material : PBT resin material , durable.
     2, the internal circuit boards using high-strength double glass fiber, environmentally friendly and durable . SMD components are used authentic Japanese original Murata capacitors and resistors Taiwan high quality , stable and excellent quality.
     3 , working voltage : AC 220V 50Hz
     4, with a load capacity:
          A, purely resistive load should be less than 1000W ( such as incandescent, tungsten filament lamps and other lighting ) .
          B, inductive load and capacitive load should be less than 200W ( such as energy saving lamps, fluorescent lamps , etc. ) .
     5 , remote control distance :
          Indoor normal remote control distance of about 15 meters , can be wall remote control . ( Remote distance relationship and the use of the environment , is not absolute, disturbance in or near a large multi- wall distance is reduced. )

     6 , the relay nominal 220V10A power capacity , for safety and life of the relay you use, make sure not to let the relay at the maximum power capacity .
     7 , the remote control lamp to implement a code system of a machine , and you use the phone as a product corresponds to one yard , not re-code , to ensure that you and your neighbors in the use of similar products will not interfere with each other is like. ( Are affixed to the cap receiver and remote control product codes, such as the case of product failure or loss of remote control codes can fill with virtue )

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