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512KB FLASH, 64KB RAM, 12-bit ADC, PWM, I2C, SPI, I2S, SDIO, USART, USB, and CAN.

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Nhà sản xuất: STMicroelectronics

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  • MCU: STM32F103ZET6 from STMicroelectronics, incorporates the high-performance ARM® Cortex™-M3 32-bit RISC core operating at a 72 MHz frequency in LQFP144 package. The STM32F103ZET6 offers high-speed embedded memories(512KB FLASH, 64KB RAM), 12-bit ADC, PWM, I2C, SPI, I2S, SDIO, USART, USB, and CAN.
  • 3.5'' TFT LCD touch screen, 320*240 resolution, 262k color, 8-bit or 16-bit interfaces, FSMC bus, stand-alone touch controller: ADS7843
  • Memories:
    • 1 MBit SRAM * 2
    • 128 MBytes NAND FLASH
    • 16 MBytes NOR Flash
    • 16 MBit Flash with SPI interface
    • 2 KBit EEPROM with I2C interface
    • MicroSD card slot, SD bus (the SD card is not included), supports FATFS
  • Onboard high performance MP3/WMA/MIDI audio decoder and ADPCM encoder: VS1003B. It is a single-chip MP3/WMA/MIDI audio decoder and ADPCM encoder. It contains a highperformance, proprietary low-power DSP processor core VS DSP4, working data memory, 5 KiB instruction RAM and 0.5 KiB data RAM for user applications, serial control and input data interfaces, 4 general purpose I/O pins, an UART, as well as a high-quality variable-sample-rate mono ADC and stereo DAC, followed by an earphone amplifier and a common buffer.
  • Audio output: 3.5mm earphone jack & onboard speaker
  • USB host port, features a embedded USB Host/Slave controller: SL811HS
  • USB device port, supported by STM32F103ZET6
  • Ethernet module,features a ethernet controller: DM9000A
    • Integrated 10/100M transceiver with HP Auto-MDIX
    • IEEE802.3x flow control for full-duplex mode
    • Integrated 16 KBytes SRAM
    • Supports IP/TCP/UDP checksum generation and checking
    • Supports automatically load vendor ID and product ID from EEPROM
  • Other communication features: CAN, RS485, RS232
  • Boot mode selection switches
  • Integrated Voltmeter and Dual Channel Oscilloscope circuit
  • Human-Machine Interfaces: four user LEDs, one joystick(5 directions), four buttons (Wakeup, User, Tamper, Reset)
  • Debugging interface: 20-pin JTAG port, compatible with ST-Link, JLink, NLink2, etc
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