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5x10x0.8-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=5mm, dc=10mm, h=0.8mm
0 đ/Cái
4x12x1-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=12mm, h=1mm
570 đ/Cái
4x9x0.8-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=9mm, h=0.8mm
530 đ/Cái
4x9x0.5-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=9mm, h=0.5mm
490 đ/Cái
4x8x0.6-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=8mm, h=0.6mm
450 đ/Cái
3x8x0.6-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=3mm, dc=8mm, h=0.6mm
410 đ/Cái
3x8x0.5-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=3mm, dc=8mm, h=0.5mm
370 đ/Cái
3x7x0.5-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=3mm, dc=7mm, h=0.5mm
330 đ/Cái
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889-941MHz 3.6W 7.2V, 2 Stage Amp. For PORTABLE RADIO

Nhà sản xuất: Mitsubishi Electric

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The RA03M8894M is a 3.6-watt RF MOSFET Amplifier Module for 7.2-volt portable radios that operate in the 889- to 941-MHz range. The battery can be connected directly to the drain of the enhancement-mode MOSFET transistors. Without the gate voltage (VGG=0V), only a small leakage current flows into the drain and the RF input signal attenuates up to 60 dB. The output power and drain current increase as the gate voltage increases. With a gate voltage around 2.5V (minimum), output power and drain current increases substantially. The nominal output power becomes available at 3V (typical) and 3.5V (maximum). At VGG=3.5V, the typical gate current is 1 mA. This module is designed for non-linear FM modulation, but may also be used for linear modulation by setting the drain quiescent current with the gate voltage and controlling the output power with the input power.

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