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PL2303HX Cable

PL2303HX Cable

USB to TTL module upgrade USB to TTL RS232 serial line in nine Brush

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Còn : 20 Cái

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1 meter long wire brush PL2303HX USB transfer COM USB to TTL cable download cable upgrade small plates
Red line sequence definition + 5V, black GND, white RXD, TXD Green
(Good news: The latest design of this product customer suggestions how to stay 3.3v welding mouth, but you need to open your own USB enclosure welding)

Pin Connection and Description:
Before connecting pin definitions sure to find, especially GND must not be connected to the voltage of the pin, and the RX and TX are not connected to the terminal VCC pin, and (actual measurement over some VCC pin voltage up to 14V.) Wrong adapter cable will burn chip, must be careful not to take their own small plate experiment, otherwise we are not responsible for any burn. We must find a good stitch definition connection.
Connection method: Brush repeat only need three lines, generally used only three signal lines RX TX GND, VCC do not pick. The above is 4,5 needles friend, not connected to VCC and BT needle. When using please RXD TX phase with the target board, TXD contact with the target board RX, GND connect GND, and if not, what swap RX and TX.

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