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Pin Alkaline 12V23A

Pin Alkaline 12V23A

Pin Alkaline 12V23A, size:10mm x 28mm

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Hàng còn: 0

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1176 lượt xem

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Applies to:

1. Garage door remote control shutter doors remote control, remote control, etc. hoop 12V23A battery needs to go to a place
2. Strong vibration due to physical damage or squeeze caused by the failure: If broken or crushed
3. The warranty label is damaged or missing warranty documents
4. Within 48 hours after receipt of confirmation were not ** Special note: * Please receive goods within 48 hours to confirm (to the time of receipt date), the more will be deemed a waiver of the warranty, returned right! We will enforce the complaint and request Alipay payment! !
* Upon receipt of the goods remember not to rush to sign! Must be in front of delivery personnel face a good experience goods re-sign! Check your purchases are complete, if there are any non-compliance, please contact us. If the sign is due to the above reasons, we have the right to refuse treatment.
5. No matter how many baby buy in the store is a freight, please buyers feel comfortable buying

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