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Máy khoan cắt đa năng 9900-14500 R/min

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Size: 175mmx40.5mm
Weight: host 370 g ( including power cord ) , a full product 920 g ( shipping weight 1.2 kg )
Clamping range: can clamp 0.3mm-4.0mm
Voltage Input : AC220V Output : DC24-36V

Pro Note : Genuine Special force is 400 micro- drill security phone , no product has a unique security code, beware of imitations.
Special force three handheld drill motor with special freedom with the top retractable drill chuck replacement parts can be more convenient, holding a wider range of accessories can be clamped within any range between 0.3mm-4.0mm . Power supply with 24V-36V stepless adjustable DC power supply, DC voltage is more secure, coolant when needed without fear of electric shock and other issues.

3 hand-held drill with reversible , power, speed adjustable , easy to operate , especially with a storage box to carry more convenient, reliable quality and other characteristics.

Selected standard 0.3-4mm size precision steel drill jigs , different from similar products on the market , the choice of 24V-36V stepless adjustable DC power supply, more secure and durable. The whole shape simple smooth for hand-held operation , easy to operate , easy to carry . Imported touch jog switch effectively ensure the safety of users , trigger sensitivity . Special force miniature ( mini ) hand drill is handmade DIY enthusiasts, radio enthusiasts, laboratory personnel and other people 's research tool. Pearl drilling, punching jewelry makers favorite.

Input voltage : 220V output voltage :24-36V
Speed :9900-14500 u / min
Available Chuck Size : 0.3 ~ 4.0MM
You can use the 0.3-4.0MM drill
Comes with resin cutting discs 10 a connecting rod
High-speed steel drill bit 5 (0.5/1.0/1.5/2.5/3.0mm)
User Manual and Instructions Rook
10 inches a storage toolbox
Product Features: sculpture, painting , marking , trimming, polishing.
Stainless steel , ceramic , stone, glass, plastic , wood, model , aluminum , dynamic special angle ( sheep horn ) , personal items , gifts, picture frames , jewelry , souvenirs, toys , key rings , etc. ....


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