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CPU: S3C6410, 533MHz/667MHZ, RAM: 256MB, 1G NAND FLASH

Nhà sản xuất: Forlinx

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OK6410-B single board computer is an ARM11 board based on Samsung S3C6410 processor.It integrates with memoryies:256MB DDR3 and 1Gb Nandflash,and interfaces such as Etherent, Uart,USB host, USB device,etc. 


OK6410-B Single Board Computer Features
CPU  Processor: Samsung S3C6410
 Kernel: ARM 1176JZF-S 
 Main frequency: 533MHz/667MHZ
FLASH  High-speed and stable SLC 1G NAND FLASH 
Clock  12MHz, 48MHz, 27MHz, 32.768KHz clock source
Voltage  Power supply: 5V 
Interfaces  High quality connectors to guarantee a durable and reliable operation.
Reset  One reset button and 8 seperated (interrupt) buttons.
Boot Switch  4  Boot switch for setting system to boot from Nandflash or SD card.
Serial Port  4 serial ports: one 5-ire RS232 level serial port(DB9 female socket);      three 3-wire TTL level serial ports(20pin 2.0mm connector)
Ethernet 1x 100M Ethernet, DM9000AE, with connection and transfer indicators.
USB HOST  1x 1.1 USB Host interface, support mouse, U-disk, etc.
USB OTG  1x  2.0 USB slave interface, support to connect Mini-USB socket with PC.
SD Card  1x high-speed SD card slot, and  support SD memory and SDIO function. 
WIFI  1x WIFI port
Audio  2x 3.5mm standard stereo audio sockets:1 green output socket to connect earphone
1 pink input socket to connect microphone
LCD  Support 4-wire resistive touch panel.
CVBS  1-channel CVBS output interface(PAL / NTSC).
Camera  1x CMOS camera interface(10*2 pin, 2mm connector), support ITU-RBT601/656 8-bit mode.
RTC  Built-in real time clock with back-up battery to keep time on when power off.
JTAG  1x JTAG interface, 10*2 pin connector
Temperature Sensor Interface  One 1-wire digital temperature sensor
interface(DS18B20 module optional).
Infrared Interface  1x Infrared interface
LED   4x LED
Buzzer  1x Buzzer
Expansion  Port  2x SPI, 2x DA, 38x GPIO, 7x Interrupt port, 8 x AD, IIC Interface.

OK6410-B Single Board Computer Pin Diagram:


OK6410-B Single Board Computer Dimensions (mm):

All Items Included


                 OK6410-B Single Board Computer       


DC5V 2A Power Adapter(USA/Euro standard)


Serial Cable


Packing Box


From this day on, OS Android has upgraded to 2.3.4 version which is more powerful compared with the former one. We fully supply driver

devices such as Ethernet, camera, blue tooth, 3G, WIFI, U-disk, SD card, audio card, touch panel, LCD, and keyboard for users. What's more,well fully open all Android resources to satisfy OK6410 single board computer users development and study, which will truly realize 

the value of single board computer. Meanwhile, well strengthen R&D power to keep leading the trend of technics. 


 Android 2.3.4 (Android 2.3.3 is also available)

 Flashing  and Installation


 Support flashing image fiel to NandFlash via SD card(yaffs2 file system), which is most conveninent for user installation;

 Support SD and SDHC card.




 Android cross-compiler without extra installation;

 The kernel and Uboot compiling adopt 4.5.1 cross-complier;

 Support FPA and armv6 instruction set. 


 Support plug-and-play SD card and U-disk, source codes and driver are provided.

 USB- Bluetooth


  Support data transmission with mobile phone;  

  Driver and source codes are provided


 Support 3G dialing-up;

 The driver and source codes are available

 USB 3G Network Card

 Support 3G WAP such as WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMS;


 Support both USB 3G module and mini PCIe 3G module;

 Drivers and source codes are available 




 Support. Obtain IP address and DNS automatically. Driver and source codes are provided.


 Support. Obtain IP address and DNS automatically. Driver and source codes are provided.

 CMOS Camera

 Support. Provide 2.6.36 kernel driver and application source codes.

 ADB Synchronization Function


 Precisely Touch


 Touch ScreenCalibration

 Android will automatically run the calibration interface as it is booted the first time.



 Serial Port


 LED, PWM, I2C Tests, etc.

 Support, and also provide with all programs source codes and development files.

 System Compiling

 OS Android one-key compiling without script or codes modification.

 User Manual

 All files we supply focus on bringing you a brand new study experience by detailed description in simple words for your study.  


Linux 3.0.1 Software Features




 Flashing Method

 1. Flash single image via USB port (bootloaded by SD card), appropriate to debug; 
 2. Flash image file to NandFlash via SD card, appropriate for mass production and system updating; 
 3. Be compatible with Windows 7 OS

 Kernel Version   Linux-2.6.28, Linux-, Linux-3.0.1
 U-boot Version



 Watchdog driver

 RTC driver

 4x LED driver

 6x user buttons driver

 4x serial port driver

 Matrix keyboard driver

 IR driver

 Temperature sensor driver

 PWM control buzzer driver

 SPI driver

 ADC driver

 CAN driver

 485 driver

  USB Host driver

 USB Device driver 

 USB mouse and keyboard driver

 Universal USB camera driver

 USB to serial port driver

 NandFlash driver

 SD card driver

CMOS camera driver 

 SDIO WiFi driver

 USB WiFi driver

 3G module, 3G NIC driver

 Ethernet(DM9000) driver

 Touch panel controller driver attached with CPU

 LCD driver  (Size: 3.5", 4.3", 5'', 5.6 '', 7", 8", 10.4'')

 Audio driver (WM9714: ALSA interface)

 TV-OUT driver

 MFC driver

 Frame Buffer driver (support Double Buffering)

 Busybox Version


 Command Line Testing Program

 LED testing program

 ADC testing program

 User key testing program

 IR testing program
 Temperature testing program
 PWM buzzer testing program

 CMOS camera testing program

 CAN testing program

 3G module, 3G NIC testing program

 TV-OUT testing program

 Multi-media codec testing program

 Image Display

 Support 320*240, 480*272, 640*480, 800*480, 800*600, 1024*768, etc

 Graphic System

 Qtopia-2.2.0: the classical embedded GUI will run automatically when Linux boots.
This GUI could be controlled by  touch panel or USB mouse. The touch panel function is defaulted. 

 Qt/E-Extended-4.4.3: Qtopia for mobile phones

 Qt/E-4.7.1 with the latest updated Qt/Embedded graphical interface library, fashionable and dynamic. 

 Touch panel and USB mouse could both be used.

 Qtopia2.2.0, Qt/ Extended-4.4.3,Qt/E-4.7.1 are optional.

 Graphic Application Testing  Program

 Qtopia2.2.0 will boot by default which contains Forlinx testing programs. The testing program list is as follows which are of open source just for your reference. 

 Browser software: Konqueror/E is used for network connection test and internet verifying. Both Chinese and English are available. 

 LED test:check whether LED blinks or not.

 Keyboard test: test the 6 function buttons on single board computer which function as up, down, left, right, OK and cancel. These buttons could also be used to operate Qtopia2.2.0 as convenient as  keyboard.

 Buzzer Test: test whether PWM can control buzzer 

 ADC test: interface value changes with ADC rotated

 3G dial-up software: support WCDMA ,CDMA2000 ,TD-SCDMA. It could be used directly browse webs after dialing-up. 

 WiFi: WAP connection is available for USB WIFI and SDIO WIFI which distribute IP address, gateway and DNS via DHCP. As connection is done, Konqueror/E could be used for surfing the internet.

 Picture viewer

 Media player

 Calendar, RTC, calculator, IE browser

 File managemer



 Touch panel calibration program

 Plug-in manager

 Qt Porting Instruction

We exclusively offer “Qt Porting Instruction” . It introduces Qtopia2.2.0, Qt/E-Extended-4.4.3, Qt/E-4.7.1 porting procedures in details, which is on the freshmen’s side to teach how to develop the classical HelloWorld.exe by Nokia’s  latest updated QtCreator2.0.1 for users’ reference. 



Windows CE 6.0 Software Features

 Boot Loader

 EBOOT supports USB2.0 high-speed download.

 Flashing and Installation Method

 1. Flash image file to NandFlash via USB(bootloaded by SD card)
 2. Flash image file to NandFlash via SD card, appropriate for mass production and system updating; 

 3. Support Windows 7 OS

 CE Version

 WinCE 6.0 R3 (BSP source codes are available)


 System interrupt and system clock driver

 Serial port driver (support three serial ports)

 SD card driver that supports hot-plug with maximum memory up to 32G

 NAND Flash driver

 Ethernet driver

 Audio driver

 RTC driver (Time keeps on when power off)

 USB Host driver

 USB OTG driver

 LCD driver

 Touch panel driver (4-line, sesistive type, support LCD sized from 3.5” to 10.4)

 VGA driver

 TV driver

 CMOS camera driver

 CMM driver

 MFC driver

 JPGE driver

 IIC driver

 SPI driver

 WIFI driver

 LED driver

 ADC driver

 Buzzer driver

 Temperature sensor driver

 Testing Programs

 CMOS camera testing program

 TV testing Program

 LED testing program

 PWM buzzer testing program

 Temperature sensor

 ADC temperature sensor

 Audio testing program ( record & playback ) 

 Serial ports testing program

 JPEG hardware decoding testing program

 MFC (Multi Format Codec) test program supports MPEG-4/H.263/H.264 unzip video form.

 Hybrid Divx testing program

 OPENGLES testing program ( including OPENGL1.1 and OPENGL2.0 )

 Hardware Acceleration

 Samples for DShow Filters

 Samples for HW JPEG encoder/decoder

 Samples for HW MFC decoder

 Samples for CMM(Codec Memory Management) driver

 Samples for DivX decoder

 Source code, samples and API description

 Application Programs

 Support application programs, such as registry management, screen rotation, text editing, EXCEL editing, picture viewing, media player, and games, etc.

 LCD Display

 Support 320×240, 640×480, 800×600, 1024×768 pixels, etc.

 USB Devices

 U-disk, USB mouse, USB keyboard, USB HUB, USB blue tooth adapter, USB network card

 PC DevelopmentEnvironment

 Detailed environment construction and relative instructions about. VS2005 + CE6.0 R3 are available. 

 BSP Updates

 Update in form of PATCH. Users could get the latest research achievement immediately. 


 Boot progress bar.

 Media player, IE browser, word edit, etc. 

 Registry storage. 

 MFC, NET2.0 and above version.

 Multiple languages, such as C/C++/C#/VB are supported for application programs development.

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