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NE555 Module

NE555 Module

Module tạo xung dao động

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Nhà sản xuất: Đang Cập Nhật

Còn: 44 Cái

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     This module is adjustable frequency and duty cycle square pulse generator can be used in the laboratory requires a square wave pulse signal, the stepper motor driver board needed to master the required pulse generator maintenance and other occasions.
Baby Description:
     1. The main chip: When using ST original base NE555 integrated IC, operating voltage of 4.5V ~ 18V, 5V supply, the output current can be about 15MA; when 12V power supply, the output current can be about 35MA;
     2. Frequency adjustment: Use two 50K variable resistor adjusts the frequency and duty cycle;
     3. Fourth gear Frequency range: The shorting pins select one of four different ways to change the frequency range capacity of capacitors, which are (in Hz) 0.1 ~ 10,10 ~ 1K, 100 ~ 10K, 10K ~ 1M;
     4. Plate with an LED indicator to indicate the pulse changes (low lights), but also as a power indicator light;
     5. Interface with terminal mode, to adapt a variety of occasions;
     6. Board size: 40.5mmx22mm, with fixed hole 4 3MM diameter;
Use description:  
     Note: From the formula for calculating the maximum frequency of 1M or greater, but the circuit chips and other constraints, the maximum normal within 500KHz frequency, this frequency is not exceeded.

     Duty cycle refers to the high percentage of the time. Calculated frequency: high pulse width TH = 0.7 (R1 + R2) C, low pulse width TL≈0.7R2C, pulse period T≈TH + TL; merge two formulas period T = 0.7 (R1 + 2R2 ) C. R1, R2 for 0-50K adjustable; note that this resistance can not be transferred to near zero in Europe, the upper frequency range of 500 Euro minimum resistance calculations are not recommended below this resistance.
     When high-frequency gear C = 0.001UF;
     High-frequency gear C = 0.1UF;
     Low-frequency profile C = 1UF;
     At low frequencies stalls C = 100UF.

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