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MPR121-2 capacitive touch module

MPR121-2 capacitive touch module

MPR121-2 for arduino 3x4 keyboard arduino 51 code

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This module uses the MPR121 touch control chip and 12 touch sensitive pad for you to create a simple I2C output with the "keyboard", these keyboards work by measuring the capacitance of the electrode 12, when there are objects close to the electrode connectors, measuring variation in capacitance occurs. This indicates that there is something touching a button. 8 which are not touch-sensitive pad electrode can be set when the LED driver. The chip 1.71V to 3.6V power supply, 16ms sampling period when only 29uA of current. When the external trigger input, a way to break the chip and the I2C interface to notify external devices. Extensive chip uses, can be used as computer peripherals, MP3 player, remote control, lighting control and mobile applications.

When MPR121 sense to change IRQ interrupt pin will be pulled low.
Electrode - MPR121 is a touch sensor, so we need some can touch things. We call it the electrodes. Typically, the electrode may be just some of the metal sheet or a wire. Use the module is a copper.

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