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3-Axis, 12-bit/8-bit Digital Accelerometer

Nhà sản xuất: Freescale

Còn: 12 Cái

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The MMA8452Q is a smart low-power, three-axis, capacitive micromachined accelerometer with 12 bits of resolution. This accelerometer is packed with embedded functions with flexible user-programmable options, configurable to two interrupt pins. Embedded interrupt functions allow for overall power savings relieving the host processor from continuously polling data. The MMA8452Q has user-selectable full scales of ±2g/±4g/±8g with high-pass filtered data as well as non-filtered data available real-time. The device can be configured to generate inertial wake-up interrupt signals from any combination of the configurable embedded functions allowing the MMA8452Q to monitor events and remain in a low-power mode during periods of inactivity.


  • 1.95 to 3.6-volt supply voltage
  • 1.6 to 3.6-volt interface voltage
  • ±2g/±4g/±8g dynamically selectable full-scale
  • Output data rates (ODR) from 1.56 Hz to 800 Hz
  • 99 μg/√Hz noise
  • 12-bit and 8-bit digital output
  • I²C digital output interface (operates to 2.25 MHz with 4.7 kΩ pull-up)
  • Two programmable interrupt pins for six interrupt sources
  • Three embedded channels of motion detection
    • Freefall or motion detection: one channel
    • Pulse detection: one channel
    • Jolt detection: one channel
  • Orientation (portrait/landscape) detection with set hysteresis
  • Automatic ODR change for auto-wake and return to sleep
  • High pass filter data available real-time
  • Self test
  • RoHS compliant
  • Current consumption: 6 μA–165 μA
  • This product is included in Freescale’s product longevity program, with assured supply for a minimum of 10 years after launch

Related Products

  • MMA8450Q:Xtrinsic Low-power, 3-axis Xtrinsic Accelerometer
  • MMA8451Q:Xtrinsic 3-Axis, 14-bit Accelerometer
  • MMA8453Q:Xtrinsic 3-Axis, 10-bit Digital Accelerometer

Target Applications

  • eCompass applications
  • Static orientation detection (portrait/landscape, up/down, left/right, back/front position identification)
  • Notebook, eReader and laptop tumble and freefall detection
  • Real-time orientation detection (virtual reality and gaming 3-D user position feedback)
  • Real-time activity analysis (pedometer step counting, freefall drop detection for HDD, dead-reckoning GPS backup)
  • Motion detection for portable product power saving (auto-sleep and auto-wake for cell phone, PDA, GPS, gaming)
  • Shock and vibration monitoring (mechatronic compensation, shipping and warranty usage logging)
  • User interface (menu scrolling by orientation change, tap detection for button replacement
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