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5x10x0.8-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=5mm, dc=10mm, h=0.8mm
0 đ/Cái
4x12x1-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=12mm, h=1mm
570 đ/Cái
4x9x0.8-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=9mm, h=0.8mm
530 đ/Cái
4x9x0.5-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=9mm, h=0.5mm
490 đ/Cái
4x8x0.6-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=4mm, dc=8mm, h=0.6mm
450 đ/Cái
3x8x0.6-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=3mm, dc=8mm, h=0.6mm
410 đ/Cái
3x8x0.5-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=3mm, dc=8mm, h=0.5mm
370 đ/Cái
3x7x0.5-LD1 Long Đền 304
d=3mm, dc=7mm, h=0.5mm
330 đ/Cái
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Dual 5.0 A Throttle Control H-Bridge, 44-HSOP

Nhà sản xuất: Freescale

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The 33932 is a monolithic H-Bridge Power IC in a robust thermally enhanced package. The 33932 has two independent monolithic H-Bridge Power ICs in the same package. They are designed primarily for automotive electronic throttle control, but are applicable to any low-voltage DC servo motor control application within the current and voltage limits stated in this specification.
Each H-bridge in the 33932 is able to control inductive loads with currents up to 5.0A peak. RMS current capability is subject to the degree of heatsinking provided to the device package. Internal peak-current limiting (regulation) is activated at load currents above 6.5A ± 1.5A. Output loads can be pulse width modulated (PWM-ed) at frequencies up to 11kHz. A load current feedback feature provides a proportional (0.24% of the load current) current output suitable for monitoring by a microcontroller’s A/D input. A Status Flag output reports under-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature fault conditions.
Two independent inputs provide polarity control of two half-bridge totem-pole outputs. Two independent disable inputs are provided to force the H-bridge outputs to tri-state (high-impedance off-state).


  • 8.0V to 28V continuous operation (transient operation from 5.0V to 40V)
  • 235mΩ maximum RDS(ON) @ 150°C (each H-Bridge MOSFET)
  • 3.0V and 5.0V TTL / CMOS logic compatible inputs
  • Over-current limiting (regulation) via internal constant-off-time PWM
  • Output short-circuit protection (short to VPWR or GND)
  • Temperature-dependant current-limit threshold reduction
  • All inputs have an internal source/sink to define the default (floating input) states
  • Sleep Mode with current draw < 50μA (each half with inputs floating or set to match default logic states)
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